Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A rundown of what I did on my birthday weekend.......

My birthday - and Harry's 12th was on Friday last. After the last 12 months of stress, I was determined to make it a great weekend for Harry. It started on Friday morning - I was given a surprise Morning Tea, with mudcake, dips and party pies - all the food leftover was put into the fridge and brought home for the boys to help eat up. Friday Lunch, one workmate (Wendy) took me out to lunch and surprised me by inviting along a retired workmate, Richard to share the lunch. It was great to catch up with Richard - he had given me a parting gift of a $100 gift voucher when he retired last May - along with a supurb written reference. I miss seeing him around at work, but it was a great lunchy time. Oh so short, and I had to get back to work.....
Friday night, I picked up some Fish 'n' chips for dinner - minus the fish - because we had an extra 12yo for the weekend - I just opened up the chips and let them all go 'seagull' on the contents. Of course, I had plenty of mudcake leftover from morning tea for dessert.
Saturday morning, I did the grocery shopping - and in the early afternoon, prepared honey-soy chicken wings for our picnic in the evening. We had arranged to meet with John's music teacher and his wife and spent the evening listening to a good 80's coverband and enjoying conversation, while the younger boys ran riot through the park. John was being a lovable teenager for a change and acting quite the clown. Towards the end of the night a bug (or a leaf - I don't know, I swear it had legs) fell into my cleavage and I did a sort of jumpy leap about in panic screaming 'Get it out - Get it out!!!!' Absolutely no support from Martin, because he was laughing too hard. At least I added to the entertainment for the general public in the area. I couldn't rip my bra and t-shirt over my head because of the stares from 2 bemused 12yo boys.
Sunday late morning, I cooked some potato salad, and prepared the fish in foil parcels for the family gathering to celebrate the two birthdays. I've never cooked fish before. They turned out great - AND there was no ucky fish smell through the house. Sunday afternoon at 4pm my MIL, SIL and our extra 12yo left. I slept until 6pm and dinner was then just leftover chicken wings. - no fuss.
Monday morning at work, another morning tea - this time organised by my boss to celebrate my birthday, another storeman's birthday, our temp storeman's welcome and impending farewell, and a welcome to our new storeman. More cake!
Lunchtime Monday, I was taken out to celebrate my birthday by my girlfriend (another Wendy), and of course ran a bit late back to work. I did very little work at all on Monday as a matter of fact. Today I managed to get back into the swing of things.
After all the stress of the past few months - this weekend was just good times followed by good times. I'm so over cake for a little while though!


stitcheranon said...

Wow, sounds busy. Glad you had a great time. A very belated Happy Birthday to you!

Kathy said...

It sure sounds like you had a very busy weekend or should I say four days! BUT it sounds like it was also four days of celebrating and fun! Happy Birthday a little late.
I hope the rest of the year is as stress free and joyful.

Okay, I can dream can't I? It is what I wish for us all. LOL

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend! I am NEVER over cake OR chocolate!