Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend Stitchy List

My weekend list of things to do.......

have this idea that this weekend I will;

- tidy up my 'sewing room' explosion in the lounge and dining rooms.
- put some effort into my course homework
- organise my stitching and crafting projects into some sort of priority system
- investigate my sewing machine and try to work out it's issues
- put some more effort into charting 'Martha'

oh and the occasional domestic stuff.

WIP's / Projects that come immediately to mind are:
- finish halloween ornie (ok - so it will be ready for next year - it's over 1 and I've not been stitching much during the week)
- Bent Creek's Bluebird Sampler
- Poppy Picture - which WAS going to be a christms in july present for my brother's SO (she's too nice to be a SIL)
- My english floral sampler has been in my mind for a few days - must pull that back out
- A sampler SAL that I initiated back in 2007
- My christmas tablecloth square - need to find a suitable chart for that - HAS to be finished before Christmas

I'm not going to think too hard - there are also a couple of stitchery projects that like flotsam, rise to the surface. I'm sure this list will grow as I clear up my stitchy area!

BONUS ! ! ! - In my fit of tidy - I located the 2nd missing roller cutter - still in it's packet!!!!! I knew that I really didn't have to purchase the third cheapie - because - as it Murphy's law wins out again - I found the first missing cutter within a fortnight of buying the replacement 3rd cutter - now I know where all 3 cutters are ! ! ! WOO HOO!!!! (I STILL HAVE TO PUT ALL THE STUFF BACK AWAY - POSSIBLY RE-ARRANGE ALL THE FURNITURE!!! - here is what I'm left to work with...all I have to do now is figure out where it's all going back....this does not show the dining room table ..


tkdquintmom said...

'sewing room explosion'....*snort* lolol...if you ONLY saw my craft room floor right now...It looks like a DMC clown threw up on it. :p

stitchinfiend said...

That looks good compared to mine....LOL. I did tidy my space up last week - but it didn't take to long to get messed up again.....LOL

Anonymous said...

What a mountain of stash you have!
Looks like you could just about open a small shop!

Sandy said...

Amazing the chaos cleaning up can create LOL Have fun putting it all away again.

Chars said...

I'm printing your photos - and pointing at them every time my hubby whinges about my mess :) hehe!! Its great to know I am not alone...

Vicky said...

Okay, you have made me look at my stash corner and the coffee table which is my stash holder...maybe tomorrow LOL