Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Stitchy List - 2

My weekend list of things to do.......

Well after a couple of the comments about last week's photos....I do have proof that my tidyup did occur.... I did have a photo midway through - showing the pile of magazines and charts...but sorry...was too blurry (and embarrassing to post)
Not quite visible in this pic are the 3 piles of magazines I need to sort through - they are piled on the table to the left - what needs to be clear to display Christmas...

I still need to :
- put some effort into my course homework
- get a start on some sewn christmas gifts - the machine is back out on the dining room table - I'm hoping it will co-operate - I found new needles in the cleanup
- I found some more WIP's (not going to call them UFO's) - need to sort out that priority too.. (Note to self - DO NOT start anything new before finishing at least one ornaments are not part of this arrangement - I can start those anytime i want!)
- I found my stash of graph paper so I can
put some more effort into charting 'Martha'
- List some more charts and glassware on ebay
- unpack some more boxes of glassware for the sale in a fortnight
- Make a start on my Christmas Tablecloth - the section representing 2008 Christmas...hmmmm still not decided on a pattern.

Oh yes...I put a clump of things in a box and will work out a reason for a giveaway this week....nothing exciting, but somebody may love it!!!!

Well - If I get my A into G.. I should be able to get my weekend stitching underway before it gets too hot to be at the sewing machine....

Happy stitching !!


Yoyo said...

Too funny, I've been 'picking up' too but I'm not yet near as neat as you are, he he he he he.

CindyMae said...

Once you are finished at your house you are more than welcome to come to mine!! LOL