Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chookie Quilt top - nearly finished

At least finished enough to show off. I still need to complete the sashing for the top and bottom - I ran out of strips - I ended up making a random length of each fabric used and am happy how they've turned out - and no duplication of pattern where they intersect. More luck than by design.
You can find the pattern here at and lots more that I'd like to try to stitch. (repeat : I do not need another craft addiction, I do not need another craft addiction, I do NOT need another craft addiction......)

Oh yes...during a 2hour drive to see rellies today, the roadworks and delays made it a 3hour drive - and I nearly finished this sitting in the car! It took just another 20 minutes of stitching at the SIL's home to finish this trifle from My Aunt's Attic and put my initials to it. The mother of one of my friends, liked the banner I made for her son's birthday recently and decided that she'll never use her floss, fabric and books - and gifted them to me. Of course I had to do something to check how the fabric stitched. It's a lovely soft green aida that I think is 11 or 14 count. I will make this into something for the lady as a thank you. I used DMC 550, the skein itself a recent gift from a floss fairy.


Bette said...

Your quilt is adorable. Like the chickens!

Marie said...

Absolutely love the chooks!!!

Stitching said...

Love the quilt! I am a farmers daughter...grew up with 5 to 10,000 of my favorite chickens!!!!! huggerz laurel