Friday, April 10, 2009

Murmurings of S.E.X. and S.A.B.L.E.

No photos right at the moment, 'cos I have limited internet while Martin figures out what is wrong with out network and why his computer no longer 'sees' my computer........sigh.
However, without the internet, I am getting a lot more stitching done....
I did pull out Papillion 2008 SAL out again this morning, only to discover that I've lost one of the skeins of colour - so I'll have to wait until tomorrow or monday or through the week to replace it. In the meantime I'm stitching on a couple of small aida projects.

I have been blessed with S.E.X recently and now I think I'm S.A.B.L.E. Firstly, one of my friends' mothers passed to me a box of aida and about 2doz charts and books, then 4 days later, my very good friend Karen decided to share with me, the results of her pruning her collection, of charts, floss and fabrics....
I did make a list of charts - about 85 of them and will most probably share them out and about through this blog, when I'm more internet stable. Karen also gave me a full set of DMC, several needle necessities, a big bag of Anchor, a quantity of hand-dyed varigated and lots and lots of hand-dyed aida in squares suitable for quilts and so much more.
Included in this bounty is the woolen batting for the chookie quilt, along with the backing fabric. If I'm quick and pull my finger out and get this finished before wednesday, I'll have a go and enter it into a local quilt show. Mind you, I've never got to this stage of a quilt's quite daunting.
More pictures to follow as soon as I can.
Oh yes - I've found a new container for my orts for the totally useless SAL - certainly will try to get a picture of this in time for the new moon!


Rachel S said...

Good luck with the chookie quilt!

Yoyo said...

Wow, you have been blessed. Sounds like your going to have lots of fun in the near future. Standing by for the quilt, hope you get it done in time for the show.