Sunday, April 19, 2009

A sleepy sunday evening - a lovely finish to a great holiday break.

The school holidays are over - the weekend is nearly finished.... Harry and I enjoyed our days together, content to let John spend his time alone with his guitar!

The pictures on this post today were taken by Harry, on our drive in the hills day.

We spent an hour at Emerald lake, walking around trying to find good photos for him, these are just a few of them.
I collected Chookie Quilt from the quilt show - alas, it did not win any prizes, but with the quality of the other entrants, I'm not at all surprised. It has encouraged me however, to stitch another quilt and enter it again, after learning a bit more.

Time now to pick up my stitching again and prepare to head back to work after a relaxing 2 week break.


Tammy said...

Ooooh, those mushrooms don't even look real they are so perfectly pretty!

Karen said...

I am relaxed now just looking at your pics!

Yoyo said...

My gosh, I always thought those red spotted mushrooms in the cartoons were cartoons, not real life mushrooms!! How very pretty!