Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beaded Fob Giveaway - and a SOHRH block finish!

Here we go, Hot off the needle - SHORES OF HAWK RUN HOLLOW - Block 1As this weekend was hot, hot, hot - it suited me to sit in front of a fan, mindlessly stitching away at all the blue in the waves - just like colouring in.  No need to worry about changing the colour of the floss in the needle, just fill in all that blank space between the top of the waves and the border.

Now I get to move onto the next square - a block of fish - first I need to stitch the border - then I'll see about whether or not I feel like substituting colours.  I'm using DMC and feel comfortable about changing colours around to suit myeslf.  I've already re-charted block 8, the tombstone block, so that the wording refers to an ancestor lost at sea in 1875.
As you can see - I've shamelessly thrown away my plans for weekly rotations.  It didn't feel right.  However, I might just call 2012 the year of the WIP's because I'm feeling inspired to finish of a few projects that have been neglected by my slight obsession of snowmen and sheep.  Better getting the pile reduced, than creating more.

Now - I feel it's time for a competition.  I spent some time yesterday, playing with beads and wish to offer these scissor fobs to my bestest blogging buddies.  
Pick your favourite - and leave a message
1 - blue fob with carved shell - could be used as a floss winder as well.
2 - green/brown fob with wood & stone beads
3 - black/white bead fob with silver & crystal accents
4 - green/amber fob with tail
5 - blue fob with carved shell - I purposely used this bead so a length of floss could be attached through the hole.

These will all be sent out - one fob per winner.  In the event of a tie - names will go into the bowl of destiny to decide a winner.
I'll draw the winners next Saturday - March 3   

Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Finish for the Year !!!! If Cats could Talk ...

Hot off the needle - If Cats could Talk ...

Stitched using Nancy's lovely hand-dyed threads (see her latest giveaway by clicking here .)

  I was lucky to receive this from the 123stitch site wish list early in the year and as such, will be passing on the chart in a givaway later this year as I do plan to stitch this design at least another two times this year.

I did change the colours, mainly because I have an orange cat.  I did not have the charm called for on the chart - oh yes... the pattern is 'Designs by Lisa', so added a spare bead.  I'll have to think about how to frame it, as the bead means it will have to have some spacers on a frame - or I'll frame it with fabric and call it a wall-hanging.  I want this one on my wall.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Daffycat: A Fat Tuesday ORT Report

It's Daffycat: A Fat Tuesday ORT Report

Time for T.U.S.A.L - and a near purr-fect WIP....

Here it is, midway through the week - and it's been so long since I've posted (last weekend was bizarrely busy doing not much!).  Here is my TUSAL jar for February - lots and lots of orts - it does look like I've been stitching.  There are bits of floss there from my Arabian Nights quilt, Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and more importantly, If Cats could talk.....  

I sort of fell off my rotation this month, I just could not get into stitching Christmas last week.  I'm due to pick up SOHRH today, but if you look at my current WIP, I am so close to finish the Cat.  I just need to stitch the whiskers and the collar, then I'm done

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A flurry of finishes for my gadgets

I tend to use an open basket, rather than a handbag.  I hate rummaging in the bottom of it when my mobile rings.  I hate that my camera is rustling around without protection now that my GPS is back in it's own bag.  I've been worried that I'll lose my USB sticks with family history photos, cross-stitch patterns/photos and family photos.
Tonight, after dinner - I had a fit of inspiration.
I started with the USB caddy, using the basic idea from the teabag caddy.  It seems to work fine, although I'll test it in the morning and tomorrow I might hand-sew a flap to hold them in.
I then thought that my mobile needed a bag, with a long cord that I can tie to the handles of my basket and reel in my phone when it rings.  I used a little stitch from 2009 that needed a finish, creating a pocket for odds & bods.
Last in the line of stuff to finish, was using a snowman finish from 2010, to whip up a lined camera bag to protect my camera.
A satisfying evening with my sewing machine.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Arrrrr - Matees.. Prepare to place your Mug, HERE!

My old friend has recently had his eyelid sewn shut so that he could regain his license after having double vision due to an inoperable, benign, eye tumour.  Being a man's man, his inability to drive, had a massive impact on his social life, let alone the demands of his job, being a Community Services Training Counsellor.  
I quipped that he would have to invest in a large stock of frilly white shirts, and get a parrot as a pet - and that he would always be my own personal Pirate.
Of course, with his birthday coming up - I felt he would appreciate this whimsical mug-mat.  I know that he will not be offended, but will accept it with the friendship and love that it is given.
I've not picked up any cross-stitch this week... might have to remedy that, tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIPocalypse Update - February 2012

I've nothing else to show for a over a week of non-posting, but my progress on my week 1 rotation Cat Project.  If I were not to stitch anything else, I feel that I would have this finished by the end of week 2.  But - I must be true to my rotation - at least this month around.
I'm leaning towards throwing all rotation to the wind and merely stitching on ALL my WIP's as I fancy them - after all - I don't have to stitch just Cats or Christmas or Santas or Hawk Run Hollow - one week at a time, may be somewhat limiting.
I might insist on one week of Christmas though - otherwise I think I may not have anything left to show for Christmas unless I keep that happening.
I might have a sit down this weekend, and lay out all my WIP's and figure out just where I head from here.

Don't you just love the sheepie fabric to the right of the cat??  Shebafudge found it for me - It's so cute - thank you!  I'm going to use it on one of my special sheepie stitching to finish it off.

On a completely different thread here - calling all Daylesford, Victoria bloggers . . . . . 
I'm off for a weekend away at the end of March - anything you can recommend to see while I'm there?  Sunday Market? Patchwork shop?  Good food shop?  Art Gallery?  Places of interest?
Anybody interested in meeting up?