Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beaded Fob Giveaway - and a SOHRH block finish!

Here we go, Hot off the needle - SHORES OF HAWK RUN HOLLOW - Block 1As this weekend was hot, hot, hot - it suited me to sit in front of a fan, mindlessly stitching away at all the blue in the waves - just like colouring in.  No need to worry about changing the colour of the floss in the needle, just fill in all that blank space between the top of the waves and the border.

Now I get to move onto the next square - a block of fish - first I need to stitch the border - then I'll see about whether or not I feel like substituting colours.  I'm using DMC and feel comfortable about changing colours around to suit myeslf.  I've already re-charted block 8, the tombstone block, so that the wording refers to an ancestor lost at sea in 1875.
As you can see - I've shamelessly thrown away my plans for weekly rotations.  It didn't feel right.  However, I might just call 2012 the year of the WIP's because I'm feeling inspired to finish of a few projects that have been neglected by my slight obsession of snowmen and sheep.  Better getting the pile reduced, than creating more.

Now - I feel it's time for a competition.  I spent some time yesterday, playing with beads and wish to offer these scissor fobs to my bestest blogging buddies.  
Pick your favourite - and leave a message
1 - blue fob with carved shell - could be used as a floss winder as well.
2 - green/brown fob with wood & stone beads
3 - black/white bead fob with silver & crystal accents
4 - green/amber fob with tail
5 - blue fob with carved shell - I purposely used this bead so a length of floss could be attached through the hole.

These will all be sent out - one fob per winner.  In the event of a tie - names will go into the bowl of destiny to decide a winner.
I'll draw the winners next Saturday - March 3   


sharon -absgrams said...

Truly Love all your finishes
would lke to try for fob # 2 please
Sharon in Winnipeg canada

Judy said...

Hi Bronny,

First I have to say I really love your blog, first time I've been to it but will definitely add it to my blog list and check back from time to time.

Also your first block of SOHRH is really nice and I can see how stitching the blue was a good thing to do especially when it was so hot. Our weather has been in the mid 80's all week except today our high was only 72°. Crazy weather everyone is having.

I would also like to enter your fob giveaway. They are all really pretty and I'd be pleased to have anyone of them but my favorite would be the first one, the blue fob with the carved shell.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Off to bookmark your blog.

Enjoy your day and happy stitching,

Abbie said...

Hi Bronny, I enjoy reading your blog. May not comment with every post, but I do read it each time you add new content. Really like the cats and paws. I would like to enter your contest. I think all of the fobs are pretty, but I really like #5 - the blue one with the blue heart shaped bead. :) Just stamped some squares to start an embroidered quilt top and plan to use just one color of thread, the round shell at the end of the fob would be wonderful for that. :) Abbie Jean-USA

Miss LindaLee said...

Hi Bronny! I would love the chance to win the green amber fob. Anything green I always say. By the way your fobs are beautiful! Thank you so much for the giveaway.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Great start on SoHRH! I will enjoy watching your progress on that one. Lovely giveaway you're offering but no need to include me. I bead (most of my fobs are beaded ones) so I'd love for someone who doesn't bead to win one of your lovely fobs.

cucki said...

wow very sweet stitching..great start on it..
very cute fob..
i really love the brown is my fav color..please count me in..
big hugs cucki xx

Cindy said...

I enjoy reading your blog and would love a chance to win the black and crystal fob. Cindy

Bette said...

Bronny, I love the SOHRH block. So much so I'm really tempted to get mine out and start it. Would love a chance to win one of your fobs. Especially the blue bead with the shell.


Deborah said...

I love the current block you are working on. The fobs are beautiful and it was hard to pick one. I will pick number 1.

Deb said...

Congratulations on finishing that first block. The fobs are beautiful and since I don't know how to bead I'd love a chance to win one - I think that I like #3 the best.

Catherine said...

Oh, if t's not too late, I'd love to have a chance ~ love them all, but if I have to pick, I'd go with the second one!

christhequilter said...

random for me baby!!

what ever you choose will be lovely!!