Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIPocalypse Update - February 2012

I've nothing else to show for a over a week of non-posting, but my progress on my week 1 rotation Cat Project.  If I were not to stitch anything else, I feel that I would have this finished by the end of week 2.  But - I must be true to my rotation - at least this month around.
I'm leaning towards throwing all rotation to the wind and merely stitching on ALL my WIP's as I fancy them - after all - I don't have to stitch just Cats or Christmas or Santas or Hawk Run Hollow - one week at a time, may be somewhat limiting.
I might insist on one week of Christmas though - otherwise I think I may not have anything left to show for Christmas unless I keep that happening.
I might have a sit down this weekend, and lay out all my WIP's and figure out just where I head from here.

Don't you just love the sheepie fabric to the right of the cat??  Shebafudge found it for me - It's so cute - thank you!  I'm going to use it on one of my special sheepie stitching to finish it off.

On a completely different thread here - calling all Daylesford, Victoria bloggers . . . . . 
I'm off for a weekend away at the end of March - anything you can recommend to see while I'm there?  Sunday Market? Patchwork shop?  Good food shop?  Art Gallery?  Places of interest?
Anybody interested in meeting up?


cucki said...

aww such a sweet stitching..
have a lovely day..
love for you xxxx

Gems said...

such a great stitched up piece, beautiful!

Gem x

Loretta said...

Cute project! I love it.

Debbinva said...

Love the kitty! Looks like a fun stitch.

Vicky said...

Here is a blog I follow written by a Daylesford blogger

Email Kate and and I am sure she can help you out with things to do and see

Brita said...

Had to laugh out loud when seeing your WIP. As for whether to do rotation or not, that's a though question to decide and I wish you luck with finding the answer that fits you best.

Ziggyeor said...

Cute stitchy piece. I like the fabric too. During the week I stitch what can be easily worked on at work. Other wise today I will be stitching on my ferret project and that's about the only rotation I have.

*-* said...

Love this chart Bronny. K.