Saturday, February 11, 2012

Arrrrr - Matees.. Prepare to place your Mug, HERE!

My old friend has recently had his eyelid sewn shut so that he could regain his license after having double vision due to an inoperable, benign, eye tumour.  Being a man's man, his inability to drive, had a massive impact on his social life, let alone the demands of his job, being a Community Services Training Counsellor.  
I quipped that he would have to invest in a large stock of frilly white shirts, and get a parrot as a pet - and that he would always be my own personal Pirate.
Of course, with his birthday coming up - I felt he would appreciate this whimsical mug-mat.  I know that he will not be offended, but will accept it with the friendship and love that it is given.
I've not picked up any cross-stitch this week... might have to remedy that, tomorrow.


Beth Pearce said...

Very sweet and thoughtful gift for your friend!

cucki said...

aww sweet xxx

Ann said...

Bronny, I forgot to put a link to the storage unit and couldn't find the original blog where I saw the units. Anyway, here is where I got mine from It's expensive but worth it for me, each plastic tub is on its own shelf so you don't have to lift things off the top to get to the box you want.