Sunday, July 31, 2011

TUSAL - July 31

For somebody who has spent a LOT of time and floss stitching sheep, my TUSAL jar is suspiciously bereft of white orts.  Am I stitching with the white floss to the 'nth' degree of floss and not caring too much about the length of the coloured floss perhaps?

With today's offering, I show again my sheepie scissor fob and my latest two sheepies - a black sheep - there's got to be a black sheep in every flock and my newest rough and tumble ram, found at a garage sale yesterday for 20c.  He's a bit dirty and marked, but loved enough to still wear a red ribbon.  I must admit that the family holding the garage sale had funny looks on their faces as I tried to explain the significance of sheep.  (what am I going to do with all these sheep after Dec 31st?)
I'm off to see my son play his blues guitar at a winery today for lunch - I'll draw the winner of my fob giveaway tonight after dinner - so there is still time to enter  (Edited: No there isn't!).  For non-aussies only I'm afraid - but Aussies keep watching; I have a plan. 

1 comment:

cucki said...

wow..your tusal jar is really very sweet looking and the sheep at the back is so sweet too..
good luck to me and all who enters..
keep well dear xx