Monday, July 11, 2011

11-7-11 Wintry Wether - The latest in Woolly fashions for Sheep!

At 11am today, I realised the date.

AAAARRRGGHHH !!!!!   Mild panic!!!!  I have to have my 11-7-11 sheepie stitched today and I've not even tweaked the design!!!!!  I'm at work - how can I play with my charts when I'm at work??????
Will I have time to stitch this tonight?? 
As it turns out, I'm aware this quick design takes me just over 2hours from go to whoa and, as luck would have it, I had prepared a crock-pot dinner, so the theory was that I could dish up dinner the moment I got home, then sit and stitch.  No trouble!  I even had time for a wee nanna nap. (My stitching chair is so comfortable, it's inevitable that I nod off for at least 30 minutes each time I settle in for a session of stitching)
I tweaked the design over dinner (yes....terribly bad manners, but I was the only one at the table, the boys were all staring at the telly) - I added beanies, green gumboots and woolly scarves to my sheep - after all, we are in the middle of a cold snap here in Victoria.  It IS Winter !!!  And I've been saving this pun for several months!

Looking at all the other sheepies I have stitched, I'm thinking this is going to either be made into a wall hanging or a table runner at the end of the year.  I've a few months to find the 'right' fabric.  
I am having so much fun with this series...
I'm finding myself however, having to explain how obsessed with sheep I've become in the past 6 months.  Not all my workmates understand. (I'm not certain the family do either!!)


gracie said...

I just love all your sheep!

Kathy said...

Your new piece is just adorable. I love their little caps and scarves. :) As for the obsession. Just go with it. :) Your results are just too cute to fight it. :)

Karen 'n Chris said...

Too Cute. Love these.
What's for August?