Saturday, July 2, 2011

TUSAL - and Snowman Finish

Finally, I seem to have my computer back running and my files re-organised - after the great crash of June 2011!!  I do have a snowman finish to show you - and my current TUSAL.
Here is my Snowman finish - I'm allowed, under the rules, to stitch WIPs.  As this was one of the 7 snowmen charts started on Dec 31 2010 - it qualifies.... so there!!  
Stitchy Kitty Freebie - Winter Blues - and I replaced some of the stitches with beads.  I see this to be made into a companion cushion to the bright pink one stitched last year.

It is also TUSAL day - too dark to show off the TUSAL jar last night - so here's a pic taken early this morning (still dark and had to use a flash)  What a lot of orts there are collected - a lot of blue from a recent sheepie WIP - and possibly the Winter Blues.  Perhaps next month, there will be a little more white and whisper???

For those interested in the Sheepie SAL I mentioned a month or so ago (blush....could not do anything after the crash)  I'm about ready to send it out - will tweak it over the weekend - and set it up as a pdf at work during the week.  I think I might just offer it as a free chart - rather than try to organise myself into a SAL.


Bronwyn said...

Cute finish!

gracie said...

love the snowman

Eme Creations said...

Cute Snow, I love it.

Gabi said...

Gorgeous little snowman. Congrats

Bette said...

Very cute snowman!