Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why is it that I obsess with making one thing over and over every Christmas???

A couple of years ago, it was Stitchery ornaments, then another year I made 51 cross-stitch ornaments, last year I made little apron ornaments and 42 sand filled doorstops (appreciated by all who received one)  
Earlier in my pre-Christmas frenzy of making small gifts, it was coasters.  All of a sudden, this past week, it appears to be table runners for work colleagues.
I've already shown you the one made in Christmas fabrics for the lovely lady who brings me bread.  This week, my boss (the bestest boss I've ever had) resigns, not only did I locate the most fitting corporate farewell gift (a movie poster about the Sunbury Pop Festival in 1972 - for a guy who's passion is the Australian Music Industry of the 1970's), but I've designed and finished a tablerunner for him.  
I am so stunned that it worked out so well.  I know that a tablerunner is not a great 'guy' present, but I know he'll appreciate the work that has gone into it. 

So therefore, what could I do this afternoon?  Make more dining room chair covers?  Finish stitching my Heirloom Christmas Tablecloth??  Finish a small snowman ornament??
No... Of course not.   I put pen to graph paper and design another tablerunner.  I play with the coloured pencils and come up with two colourways - perfect  - I have 2 other workmates that really deserve a more substantial present than coasters.....

I've put one together, it's a simple matter of chain piecing and stitiching in rows, but I've no idea how to finish off the edges - I've got to look at batting and backing choices.  I don't want to play with bias binding, but that may be the only option.  I'll sleep on it and finish it off during the week.

Anybody have any ideas how to finish the edges off???  Something simple???

Also - keep an eye out in the New Year - I've got a small gift almost ready - If you have a look on the side-bar - you'll see that I'm almost up to my 2nd blogaversary.   Let us all get over the Christmas excitement before I offer up a small stitchers gift.



Cristina said...

I would keep it simple, as i love the way the edges look now.

Congratulations on both works, they look gorgeous.

gracie said...

A couple of years ago I received a lovely Christmas table runner and I cherish it because I know how much work she put into it. Every year now, it will be a reminder of her. Your runners are very pretty.

Anonymous said...

hey B

would suggest clipping your corners and quilting after the "birth"

email me if you need me to come up one night....have a prezzie for you too!!

Kerryanne English said...

You are filled with Christmas spirit Bronny and that is SO SPECIAL. All of yoru handiwork is beautifula nd I hope much appreciated by those who receive them.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne