Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell to 2010 - the Year of the SNOWMAN - and a Final TUSAL

Looking back at completed works - my list shows that this year I completed 12 snowmen.  A dozen Snowmen!!!!  yay!  This is my last one finished on the 29th.
Today I completed a scissor fob/ornament - taken from Martha's Sampler  Club Blog - the freebie chart I offered on the 1st Dec.

I still havea full WIP list - and will process that tomorrow and add it to the sidebar.

Today, in preparation for 2011 - the year of the SHEEP, I found some more snowmen charts that I wish I could have made the time to stitch.

My rule is that any new chart started in 2011, must be a Sheep Chart. The exception is WIP's, Halloween and Christmas, and any compassionate projects required. 

hmmm.... exceptions to rules...  that works for me.
So this afternoon, while the temperature outside zoomed to 40c, I gathered some aida and some floss and ferreted through the extra snowmen charts to find a few more that I could not live without.  I started:
  • Home Sweet Flaky Home - found in Stoney Creek Dec 07 issue
  • Snow Friends - Diane Arthurs chart - intended to be stitched as a triplet - not as a long strip
  • Winter Blues - a 2005 freebie from Stitchykitty
  • Sampler Winter - a 2008 freebie from Marika Belfiori's website
  • Winter Lineup - a chart from 2006 released by The Trilogy - Twisted Threads/Bent Creek/Heart in Hand
  • The Welcome Home Snowman - a small chart from Curtis Boehringer
  • The Design on the back cover - The End - another chart from Curtis Boehringer
Add those to the carry over WIP's for 2009 and I think I have a good start.
Tomorrow, New Year's Day - I start on my first Sheep Chart. I am infact, starting a Cy-Baaaa stitch-a-long with my friend Karen.  We are stitching something for the EWE Year!!  I'll post a pic tomorrow evening.

TUSAL - Time for me now to empty my decanter of all the threads collected for 2010 - ready to start afresh tomorrow morning - REMEMBER - THE NEXT NEW MOON FOR TUSAL IS JANUARY 4th.
What did/have/will you be doing with your 2010 TUSAL collection?


stitcheranon said...

Congrats on your snowmen! Sounds like a fun challenge and well done for achieving it. Looking forward to being sheepishly inspired by your new challenge"
Happy New Year xxx

Katherine said...

Great cannister! I put my threads out in late winter for birds to collect and use in their nests. And they do! Happy New Year!

Bronwyn said...

Happy New Year LBP

Gabi said...

Beautiful finishes.
Your challenge sounds great too.
Wishing you a fantastic New Year