Monday, December 6, 2010

NEW MOON - TIME FOR TUSAL - last one for 2010

........ or should we call 4th January 2011, the next new moon the last TUSAL???  After all, there are another 4 weeks of fibers to collect....  

I might actually call a New Years Eve TUSAL, with a follow up on 4th January to capture the first days of the New Year stitching.
Here is my December TUSAL in any case - very little added for the past month, as I've been mostly working with patchwork.  I still have my Christmas Tablecloth to finish - of course I can see myself (as in other years) frantically stitching it on Christmas Eve in order to have it finished in time!!

Show your TUSAL for 2010 - what do you do with the contents?  Do you fill Christmas ornaments?  Stuff pillows?  My orts from 2009 are sitting in a crystal bowl and I suspect the 2010 orts will join them.  I may use them to stuff Christmas ornaments with them next year.


Roberta said...

Hi Bronny, I thought I had joined the TUSAL, but then was totally confused and then no response from the leader. I am glad that I found you and read that the previous gal had some difficult health issues with her family.

I do have my TUSAL container, and I would definitely like to continue and be a part of the group in 2011.

Will join as a follower on your blog.

Enjoy the Season


Anonymous said...

that's a LOT of TUSAL!! ;)