Sunday, May 16, 2010

Holiday week 2 - day 4 (and beyond)

Goodness me... I never did get to show the progress made on day 4

I last left you when I was about to put the 9-patches together. This was a fun project and I was able to butt the seams so it all lay quite flat and for the most part the points connected perfectly. This was such a buzz!!!
I pieced the remaining cream and green squares together in preparation for adding a border

I laid all the squares onto the bed to try to work out the final layout - meaning I didn't want any same greens touching. After I took this photo, I realised the pattern called for it to be one more row taller and one less wide. I re-arranged the blocks and pinned the rows together and stitched them up.
I've now come to the realisation that I want a bigger quilt than this will give me (like who reads final dimensions on the pattern - come on!) and have decided I need to cut 6 more pinetrees out to make one more row and one more column.
That was my plan for week 2-day 5 of my holiday.
However, it was not to be.
Due to a family emergency, I was called back to work to cover the reception desk. It turns out that there would be nobody who knew how to operate the switchboard or access the database on the friday. (I believe in the coming weeks, this corporate shortcoming will be addressed by the powers that be).
So no final stitching up of my quilt.
The Saturday was chock-full of running teenage son around and the Sunday was Mothers Day - spent at MIL - so no quality stitching time at all. I'm back to work now, and it is darn nigh impossible to think about cutting fabric at the end of the work day - I like to work by daylight.
Now it is the following Sunday - and early afternoon, I plan to have the rotary cutters out and cut up the balance of the fabric needed for those extra patches. I'll get as much sewn together as possible today. I might even be able to post another progress pic.


coral said...

That is a lovely looking quilt :) and I love your winter footpath photo.

Karen 'n Chris said...

Awesome forest for some one who "protests" about not being a quilter. Just keep in mind that it takes a little time for the forest to grow from seedling to sentry!
The plantation looks really good so far, am looking forward to seeing it all fenced in - lol.