Sunday, May 30, 2010

Colours of Autumn - lots of recent photos to share

While I've been working an early shift these past few weeks, I've not been posting much during the week and I find that I try to avoid too much computer on the weekend. I would like to catch up with some recent photos.
Some are just sights - out and about, in particular the driveway of a house I drive past daily - I had to go back to capture this one, of course, there's not as many leaves, and it isn't at sunset, like the first night it caught my eye, but aren't the colours spectacular?

Then there are the mushrooms, these are so cute, and just inches away from the suburban road. -

Oh I had to share the pic of the merangue mushroom that Harry could't resist...
I'm told it tasted nice too!

This is my stitching companion - Pyro.
He does look so comfortable in the sunshine on my sewing machine table - pity I have to move him at all

Then there is Mil
Dog - nuff said

Nearly forgot to show last week's bargain from a garage sale.
I have been contemplating crotcheting an afghan rug this winter, but for $5 I couldn't pass this up!! I couldn't even buy the wool for that amount! It's huge enough to spread over our queen size bed, but for now, I'm adoring it over the back of my couch - giving that homey feel. The two sage green cushions at each end cost me $2 each. Mum made the green one on the left, I made the two in the middle - a cross stitch and an aida (hmmm needs a wash) and my SIL made the japanese fabric one on the right. Of course with all these coverings, you can't see the deep plum suede couch!! It's comfy enough to fall asleep on!

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