Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A very quick stitch! I started this one at 9pm in a panic to try to meet a deadline, and including a minor nanna-nap, put the last stitch in at midnight... I am missing the snowflake buttons, but can always add them when I find them.

The design is "Let it Snow" by Casey Buonaugurio Cross Stitch Designs and found in the 2008 JCS Ornament issue and I'm involved in a couple of monthly challenges on two separate communities this year. This is the first ornament I've stitched this year. I've seen a few snowmen on other blogs and am wondering if I might dedicate 2010 to stitching snowmen. There are worse themes out there...

As for the hasty finish - I was looking for any snowflake buttons and found the bright red plasticy ornament ring - just the right size.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Here is my contribution to the totally useless SAL - as on http://dragonmyneedle.blogspot.com/

I don't have any clear glass containers that are sexy enough - so for the moment my orts are sitting pretty in a little glass container made by Crown Crystal in Australia about the late 40's. This little dish was popular in coffee shops of the time, along with a matching little jug. Sometimes you can find the little glass tray that the two would sit upon. I'm still looking in op-shops for a better container to last the year out....

As I only joined a couple of weeks ago - these threads are from my Mermaid, the bushfire quilt square and Papillion's 2008 SAL that I've been happily stitching. I think my carpet will thank me for collecting the orts in the bowl rather than loosing them on the floor and to the vacuum!

Bits with beads!!!

Now with improved added beads!!!!!!

Before moving on with stitching part 9,10,11 & 12 - I added some dark amethyst glass beads from Eureka Beads here in Pakenham to my Papillion Sampler....It's getting closer to finish....and Papillion bring out the 2009 SAL....and it's another georgeous one.... dilemma - what Sampler to stitch after the 2008 one is finished? A Victoria's Sampler that has been nodding to me, or a Just Nan, or the 2009 SAL??? I can't stitch all three at once - can I?????

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Speedy stitching on Sunday morning.....

It didn't take long to do the stitching for part 8. Here's a closeup. I'm having fun with this pattern, but before going onto part 9, I'm going to attach the beads and catch up..I'm in a beading mood.. I'm using the new DMC series of variations and although I think perhaps the red is a darker tone than the rest of the colours chosen, am happy with the overall effect of them on this hand-dyed fabric.

Sunday Musings.....

It seems awhile since I posted. A whole fortnight in fact.

Although I've not been stitching so much, John's music is growing. Last Sunday he was an invited guest at a regular gig of a guitarist, playing in a function room. Today he's been invited to sit in at a Jam session at another local blues function, which is populated by many esteemed blues musicians. It seems he has a good start to his career.

On the stitching side of things I've been steadily working on Papillons 2008 mystery sampler - I've now done up to part 7 and am working on Part 8. I do have to put some work into an Aussie/NZ exchange that is due by ANZAC day.
I might start putting the beads on this sampler, instead of leaving it until the last minute...see how it goes today.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smoking needle Sunday

With John and Martin away for the afternoon at a Blues Gig (more news to follow about that!), I had time to sit and stitch (and watch and howl at the DVD "Joy Luck Club") - and I managed to finish 2 small projects.

This is my square for a friend's parents bushfire quilt. They lost their home in the Victorian Bushfires and my stitching sisters are putting a quilt together for them.

The other finish is part of a finish...I've finally dragged back out the Papillion SAL for 2008 and finished part 5. I'm saving up all the beads for this piece until the very end. I've started part 6, but had to put it down to watch the DVD. I've been waiting a long time for 'me' time to watch it, knowing full well that it would bring back memories of my Mum - I enjoyed my howl. The movie finished just as the boys got home.
John had a successful afternoon - from what I gather he has a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to play one song - or jam with the musios next week. Not bad for a 16yo who has only been playing for 18mths. Rather proud of the lad I am.
More stitching tomorrow - as it is a publich holiday - I plan to finish all my chookies so that I can then stitch them into a top cover.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Ian !

Tonight our friend Ian turned 50 years old. I was there to celebrate with him - and stitched a small name panel for him. He was pleased with it - although had to laugh at the 'hole-digger' description. About 17 years ago, he decided to dig a storage shed in his back yard. It is still there - a big pit in the ground right outside his back door. I don't think it will ever be finished!
Tomorrow I move onto another project!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award!!

I've just been surprised with my first blog award. Thank you Pauline,

Pauline nominated me a couple of days ago - and it's taken me this long to find out! Pauline's blog is: http://paulinesxshideaway.blogspot.com

Now that Pauline has tagged me - I get to pass this on to 5 of my favourite blogs.....hmmmm this could take a bit of thinking. Each time I start reading blogs, I add more and what should take a few minutes can take up to 2 hours.....

I also have to list 5 of my favourite things - that is easier - so i'll tackle that first.

1: Chocolate - no explanation necessary
2: Cross-Stitching - one slight obsession that has given me friends as well as art in my home
3: My family - my boys and hubby mean everything to me
4: Cats - only one in my household at the moment, but I love them all -
domestic tabby to wild tiger
5: The aroma of the Australian Bush in gentle drizzle - that has the ability to heal souls.

Now back to 5 favourite blogs:

Marie : http://theleeroys.blogspot.com/
Sandy: http://sandy-moreofthesame.blogspot.com/
gazette94: http://gazette94.blogspot.com/
Suzie Max: http://blog.suziemax.com/ (glass collecting blog)
Nise : http://peaceloveandmungbeans.blogspot.com/

There are so many more deserving blogs but I had to limit my choice to 5 before I spent 3 hours getting sidetracked....

I'll post a pic of my latest WIP on the weekend - It needs to be finished to hand over on Saturday night! Wish me luck!