Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award!!

I've just been surprised with my first blog award. Thank you Pauline,

Pauline nominated me a couple of days ago - and it's taken me this long to find out! Pauline's blog is:

Now that Pauline has tagged me - I get to pass this on to 5 of my favourite blogs.....hmmmm this could take a bit of thinking. Each time I start reading blogs, I add more and what should take a few minutes can take up to 2 hours.....

I also have to list 5 of my favourite things - that is easier - so i'll tackle that first.

1: Chocolate - no explanation necessary
2: Cross-Stitching - one slight obsession that has given me friends as well as art in my home
3: My family - my boys and hubby mean everything to me
4: Cats - only one in my household at the moment, but I love them all -
domestic tabby to wild tiger
5: The aroma of the Australian Bush in gentle drizzle - that has the ability to heal souls.

Now back to 5 favourite blogs:

Marie :
Suzie Max: (glass collecting blog)
Nise :

There are so many more deserving blogs but I had to limit my choice to 5 before I spent 3 hours getting sidetracked....

I'll post a pic of my latest WIP on the weekend - It needs to be finished to hand over on Saturday night! Wish me luck!


gazette94 said...

Hello Bronny,
What a good surprise !
Thank you for the nomination, it is so nice !
I m very happy when stitcher enjoy my blog, and yours is very nice too ! and you totallly deserve your own award !
I will proudly mention that nomination on my blog soon !
Best regards,

Sandy said...

Yay, I'm a favourite. Thanks Bronny.