Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smoking needle Sunday

With John and Martin away for the afternoon at a Blues Gig (more news to follow about that!), I had time to sit and stitch (and watch and howl at the DVD "Joy Luck Club") - and I managed to finish 2 small projects.

This is my square for a friend's parents bushfire quilt. They lost their home in the Victorian Bushfires and my stitching sisters are putting a quilt together for them.

The other finish is part of a finish...I've finally dragged back out the Papillion SAL for 2008 and finished part 5. I'm saving up all the beads for this piece until the very end. I've started part 6, but had to put it down to watch the DVD. I've been waiting a long time for 'me' time to watch it, knowing full well that it would bring back memories of my Mum - I enjoyed my howl. The movie finished just as the boys got home.
John had a successful afternoon - from what I gather he has a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to play one song - or jam with the musios next week. Not bad for a 16yo who has only been playing for 18mths. Rather proud of the lad I am.
More stitching tomorrow - as it is a publich holiday - I plan to finish all my chookies so that I can then stitch them into a top cover.


Beatrice said...

Great stitching..isn't it nice to have an afternoon to yourself so you can stitch.
Good for John to be able to sing with the musios Good luck to him!
Singing is the BEST! [and stitching]

Yoyo said...

The little birds are just darling. You didn't tell us who's design it is. Your Papillion piece is moving along nicely. Congrats to your son, he must be in music heaven.

Bette said...

Your Papillion design is lovely. I love the color fabric you've chosen.

Sandy said...

Stitching - our sanity saver. Love your quilt square, very cute birds.