Saturday, October 17, 2009

What do you do with your old magazines????

In a roundabout way (as you do when you are reading blogs), I came across this very same question....
What do YOU do with your old magazines????
The question was on a quilting blog, but I have oodles of old Cross-stitch mags waiting for release to inspiration or to be passed along.
Elaine is having a quick or you'll miss it.

It has given me food for thought. I can see 3 magazine folders over there in the corner...I know they will be UK CrossStitcher mags - most probably from the early to mid 90's. Once I uncover them - I'll select a few and offer them on my own giveaway. Let me have a few days to actually uncover them from the fabric and projects that are covering them up.

Then I'll have another competition for anybody who may be interested....

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Jade said...

I'm a magazine maniac so I collect them all. They take up a lot of space, but when I'm down I can flip through them, daydreaming about what I would stitch if I lived another 200 years, and I feel better. Which makes it obvious that I will enter your competition for even more magazines any day.