Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week o' Halloween - Saturday - BOO !!!

I think we had our spooky night last night - as I went to bed the sky was full of sheet lightning - no crack! - just gentle rumblings. I slept through any storms that passed overhead. Judging by the puddles of water along the pathway this morning, there was a lot of rain overnight. The air was very, very warm, so I guess it's going to be a stinker of an afternoon - just heard the forcast - showers and 30. Certainly in for a muggy day
I'm always going on about the dog - here he is - my personal dog-alarm. Should we ever have a blackout during the night - I've no worries about waking up on time for work - this dog has a built-in clock! I'm the only one who hears him at 5:45am !!!! This is Milo - he is a Kelpie cross and the only dog we've ever had who brings back things you throw to him. If it lasts that long, a tennis ball is his favourite toy - we can play for hours on end!!! (I get tired long before he does!)

Halloween - Here is my Halloween Table.
I haven't put out the Candy Corn yet - that will come out this evening. Please excuse the mess behind the table - that's my stitching room exploding. Left to right: Cackling Witch, some gooey tarantulas that will be eaten tonight, a resin trio of dragons (not halloweenish, but decorative), you can't see her well but there is a little resin witch just pokeing her nose over the top of the dragon (with a broken nose - the witch not the dragon), My ornament tree, with marbles on the top of the soil for sparkle, There are a few witches and spiders as well as ornaments in my tree, to the right of the table is my basket with my cushions, a couple of hand-towels with embroidered ghosts, my 'Boo!' socks, and a little witch received last year - oh and some Jolly Roger coasters. Another view, basket end - you can see the embroidered towel really well - it is more orange, but it's showing as mandarin here. Oh there's the clock at the end - not really old, but hubby likes it - yes it was 6:50am when I took the photo!! Here is a squiz at the back of the ornament tree, as the flash really picks up all that fake cobweb. I've got my ornies hanging from it, really for viewing through the cobwebs... I've got black and orange and glow in the dark spiders in amongst the cobwebs too. Hey this really shows of fthe fabric I've used on my ornies and cushions!!!! lol. I'll try to get a good photo during the day of the front of the tree, when it's light enough NOT to need a flash! (see that bookcover in the bottom right corner??? - THAT is my inspiration for a quilt that exists only at this moment in my head. 2010 may be the year that it actually comes into being!!!)

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Daffycat said...

Wonderfully spooky decorations, Bronny! Exploding stitching room? ROFLOL

My Sheba fetches like that. Sometimes I wake up from a nap on the couch with a dozen tennis balls lined up beside me. And a Border Collie staring at me. She's scared to death of thunder though and will keep you very awake during storms!