Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Sheepie Finish - oh so cute!

And what a quick finish this was....  I received the chart as a PIF on Thursday, bought some polar fleece on Friday, (for a total of $5.80, I've enough to make at least 4 sheepies!), started stitching on a scrap of evenweave on Saturday and stitched up the sheepie on the Sunday.

It is rather cute and I did change the chart around slightly, adding beads for that extra sheepie bling.  My sheepie also has an ear and eye on the other side.  He does, rather sadly however, only have 2 legs.  I might make another one with 4 legs and a blankie on both sides.  We'll see.  The idea is that you lift up the blankie and stow away needles.  I did do a smidge of embroidery on the underside of the blanket

Please don't forget to enter my giveaway - I am still holding it open and am stitching up small gifts.  Simply leave a comment at the end of the March TUSAL post. 
At the moment, I plan to send out 6 gifts, and that means one in 3 currently entered can win a stitched sheepie gift from me.  I do have some more finishes to show, but they are cushions, and I'm not going to show them off until I've finished stitching the buttons and stuffing them  - then they'll be truly finished and deemed worthy of showing off.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I had a finishing frenzy today!!!

5 finishes !!!!

And can I show you ???  Nope...
Not until I get batteries in my camera, because I'm not happy with the quality of the pics from the phone.
There's 2 snowmen finishes, a sheepie finish, two cushions that have been waiting just for the backs to be done, and thanks to my friend and personal cheerleader, Chris, learnt a new technique today...  faux piping.  When I get the photos onto the blog, you'll see it all pretty on two of the projects...

Thanks heaps Chris.   

Honestly, I still have some buttons to stitch onto the 5 projects, but that will come during the week.  I'm still calling them FINISHED

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Finish - not a sheep, but a Snowman!!!

Hot off the needle.. Not a sheepie, but one of my snowmen WIP's started on 31st December.

This Curtis Boehringer design will be made into a small bellpull.  I really like the hand-dyed aida that it's stitched on.  It comes really close to the edges, but will be fine when sewn up with some razzle-dazzle fabric.  
Not sure what Sheepie or WIP will be picked up next....

Dont forget to enter my giveaway - there will be multiple winners, the main winners will receive a stitched item from me!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thankful - another Sheepie Finish

This was a quick stitch - I decided yesterday that I needed to start another sheep, and found this freebie amongst my flock of sheep charts.  It is a 2005 LHN freebie for Cresent Colours.  I used instead, thank you Nancy, from my Christmas gift of Victorian Motto Sampler floss.  Due to a counting error, I had an extra 3 stitches to the length of the tree, so was perfect to add a couple of Bee's to the finished item.   Therefore, I've not stitched my name, I figure they will do for my initials - BB
This brings to 10 the number of sheep finished for the year so far.  I'm thinking of finishing it off into a small pillow.  I'm also thinking that it may end up as part of my mystery giveaway - have you enterered yet?  I've not put a closing date, because I'm still adding stuff. There is likely to be more than one prize sent out too!

Friday, March 11, 2011

11-3-11 - Sheepie finish. Moom-Baa !!

I would love to start today's post with a more upbeat feel to it, but this afternoon, Japan was struck with a major earthquake, followed by even more devastating tsunami waters.
I do not feel that the full toll will be known, if ever, for weeks, and my heat goes out to the Japanese people and all those affected.  Currently tsunami warnings are current for the Pacific region.  I hope that loss of life and property are kept to a minimum.   

It seems almost frivolous to post my finish for today.
Moomba in my youth was a major celebration held on Labour Day, the 2nd Monday in March.  Labour Day is still a public holiday, to celebrate the granting of an 8hour work day - this siteWikki has a little bit more about Moomba.  This explains why I've tried to portray fireworks, I also picked the Anchor varigated floss 1375 to stitch the bright fun feeling.  But here is is - my stitching for 11.3.11 - Moom-Baa has a little more information.  . 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I did it!!!! A weekend Sheepie Finish!!!

There.... a finish for the weekend...  Thanks to CalamityJr for suggesting that I skip the french knots and just go ahead with the fluffy fibre.  I played with the mill hill beads I had in hand... sorry it's a bit wonky, but I just flung it on the grevillia outside to take the photo.  The fabric doesn't quite show it as green as it is.  -  Now to move onto something else...

Oh yes... sneak peak of one of the bits made for my giveaway....
Needs to be stitched up and finished-finished...but I'm half way there.....

Hmmm...could that be a sheep's eye looking at you???      lol

If you want to enter into the mystery giveawy...don't forget to leave a message on my previous post.....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

TUSAL - March 2011. Sheep and Snowmen - perhaps a giveaway??

What a surprise.....  My TUSAL jar is full of mostly white floss.  But this time around, it's not all mine.....  My patchworky friend has been collecting her orts from her stitchity hexagon patchwork project (Insanity 2) for the past month, and surprised me when she added her clump of floss to the jar last week.  (I might fish it out and find her, her very own special TUSAL jar)  Of course, she had great delight explaining just what TUSAL was to a Kafe Fassett course she attended during the month..  The concept just might be spreading further than expected....

There are other colour floss in the jar, it's not all white and ecru DMC.  I was given a couple of charts for my birthday, another friend, Carolyn, found some sheepie charts for me.  Amongst them, was a Mill Hill band sampler chart.  The verse reads:  'A day in the country is worth a month in the town'.  The sheep at the bottom are supposed to be worked in french knots, but they've not worked for me so far - so at the moment, the sheep are languising in half cross stitches, until I feel up to attempting multiple colonial knot replacements.  There are a number of beads to place on the sampler too, there really is not a lot of work to do before it's finished - I really should pull my finger out and get it done.
Also sitting on my stitching table with the TUSAL jar is my current Snowman WIP - this is being stitched on a scrap of hand dyed aida and only just fits the fabric.  This is ok, as i'll be sewing it into a small wallhanging, rather than trying to frame it.  It is a Curtis Boerhringer Welcome Home Snowman - yet another gift received last year in a batch of snowmen charts from a blogging buddy.  I do have some babushka snowmen to show off too, but in the emergency rush cleanup on the night of the flood cleanup, they've been put somewhere 'safe' and have yet to make a reappearance.  (I will find them Chris, I will!!!)
You can also see a solitary sheep on a small scrap of aida.  This is adapted from the quickie sheep I've decided to stitch every 11th of the month, but this is destined as a gift for a Stitching sister.  I plan to make a few more of these for more giveaways.

Hmmm... speaking of giveaways.... I do believe I owe all my regular readers an overdue giveaway.  I do have a few bits and bobs stashed around - fully intending to fashion them into something worthwhile.  There's nothing flash - I don't have many new charts - most are second or third-hand to me, but I may have something interesting.  Some things are waiting to be fashioned into something useful to another stitcher - so it may be a little while before you receive a finished item.  I'll see what I can cobb together this weekend.  In the meantime, if you are interested in a mystery giveaway - please leave a message on this post