Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Sheepie Finish - oh so cute!

And what a quick finish this was....  I received the chart as a PIF on Thursday, bought some polar fleece on Friday, (for a total of $5.80, I've enough to make at least 4 sheepies!), started stitching on a scrap of evenweave on Saturday and stitched up the sheepie on the Sunday.

It is rather cute and I did change the chart around slightly, adding beads for that extra sheepie bling.  My sheepie also has an ear and eye on the other side.  He does, rather sadly however, only have 2 legs.  I might make another one with 4 legs and a blankie on both sides.  We'll see.  The idea is that you lift up the blankie and stow away needles.  I did do a smidge of embroidery on the underside of the blanket

Please don't forget to enter my giveaway - I am still holding it open and am stitching up small gifts.  Simply leave a comment at the end of the March TUSAL post. 
At the moment, I plan to send out 6 gifts, and that means one in 3 currently entered can win a stitched sheepie gift from me.  I do have some more finishes to show, but they are cushions, and I'm not going to show them off until I've finished stitching the buttons and stuffing them  - then they'll be truly finished and deemed worthy of showing off.


Sally said...

I absolutely adore your sheepie finish! So cute :)

Annette B said...

Congrats on your sheep finish, he is soooo cute.

Pauline said...

Oh my goodness, sheepie is so gorgeous!!!

He was a part of a kit, wasn't he? I have a vague recollection of seeing him somewhere.

Could you please let me know who the designer is? I *like* making little things out of my stitching- and I *love the idea of making him double sided and lifting up his blankie!!!

Anonymous said...

what cute cushions and i love the snowman cross stitch,well done