Sunday, March 20, 2011

I had a finishing frenzy today!!!

5 finishes !!!!

And can I show you ???  Nope...
Not until I get batteries in my camera, because I'm not happy with the quality of the pics from the phone.
There's 2 snowmen finishes, a sheepie finish, two cushions that have been waiting just for the backs to be done, and thanks to my friend and personal cheerleader, Chris, learnt a new technique today...  faux piping.  When I get the photos onto the blog, you'll see it all pretty on two of the projects...

Thanks heaps Chris.   

Honestly, I still have some buttons to stitch onto the 5 projects, but that will come during the week.  I'm still calling them FINISHED


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the pics. But congrats on your finishes anyway. I'm sure you must feel great.

Faux piping? Interesting, can't wait to see this especially.

sew susie said...

Any finish is a good finish, well done.
I am also looking forward to your Faux piping as I have a class coming up that will need piping, not one of my favorite things to do.
Looking forward to your pictures.

Vicky said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics Bronny :)

Anonymous said...

RAH, RAH, sis boom BAH!!!

5 finishes makes bron a STAR