Friday, March 11, 2011

11-3-11 - Sheepie finish. Moom-Baa !!

I would love to start today's post with a more upbeat feel to it, but this afternoon, Japan was struck with a major earthquake, followed by even more devastating tsunami waters.
I do not feel that the full toll will be known, if ever, for weeks, and my heat goes out to the Japanese people and all those affected.  Currently tsunami warnings are current for the Pacific region.  I hope that loss of life and property are kept to a minimum.   

It seems almost frivolous to post my finish for today.
Moomba in my youth was a major celebration held on Labour Day, the 2nd Monday in March.  Labour Day is still a public holiday, to celebrate the granting of an 8hour work day - this siteWikki has a little bit more about Moomba.  This explains why I've tried to portray fireworks, I also picked the Anchor varigated floss 1375 to stitch the bright fun feeling.  But here is is - my stitching for 11.3.11 - Moom-Baa has a little more information.  .