Friday, November 18, 2011

Are you prepared for Christmas???

No matter how many times a year I think I'm prepared for Christmas, now that I realise that it's only 5 weeks away, I realise, once again that I'm woefully unprepared.
I have all these ideas of gifts to make for satellite people, unsure if I'll have the time to start them, let alone any idea of gifts for close friends and family.
AND I still have my christmas tablecloth to stitch.!!!
So for now, until I have my stitching commitments under control - I'm not going to play hours and hours of playstation or mindless facebook games.  
Are you with me???
I believe that next year's 'Year of the ???" will have specific rules that include time for Christmas Stitching every month !!!!!
(I'm still leaning towards cats, but houses are trying to bulldoze their way into my intentions.....)

1 comment:

Denise said...

Thank goodness for internet shopping! I have all started except for the exchanges I pick next week. Nearing completion very soon.

Stitched gifts - ha - there were thoughts of stitching but that fell through.