Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sky Watching - Moon and Stars

No need for the torch to see my way this morning. Lady Moon was in her glory, shining down so brilliantly, I could see my way through the path and miss the puddles. The remnants of the aligned stars were also showing off and trying to outshine (pardon the pun) the moon, it was a tough contest. By the time I was walking back into the house, the wisps of cloud in the east were turning pink. It was the sort of morning that I'd love to be on top of a hill to watch the moon set and the sun rise.  I use this site to work out just what start it is that I could be seeing.  Play with the settings to take out all the extra information and bring it down to the bare bones - or if you are technically minded - add all the settings you like.  Remember to set it to your nearest city.
Happy Sky watching

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