Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11-5-11 - The Year of the Sheep - Ewe May Leap!

Finished at 11:30 pm  -  11-5-11  The Year of the Sheep - May entry.

Stitched on slightly smaller than I'm used to - possibly 16count hand dyed peachy pink aida, using Autumn colours.
The leaves were uncharted and stitched, using 4 colours in random spots and a few daisy stitches for floating leaves.
Up until the last minute, I had decided on 'Ewe May', then decided to add the 'Leap !', which makes a bit more sense.
This time around, the colonial knots on the side sheep are also a tad wonky, giving them a drunk look - lol.

Thanks for looking


Gabi said...

That's not a bad name for May. Well done. Love your stitching too. Very cute.

gracie said...

love it!