Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TUSAL - Jan 4th : and a sheepy WIP

Here is my first TUSAL of the year!!  4 days in does not seem much, (and especially as the glass appears in this photo to have half frosted over)  There are some ecru threads in the bottom, but the  most you can see are the pink and green orts leftover from my current Sheepy WIP.  You will see a lot of my sheepies this year I think - and please be prepared for as many sheep puns as I can find - for example:   Twelve male sheep with beepers created a ram-page.

This is my current WIP - it was a freebie in 2006 - I have no information except the year and copyright Virginia Gousse Mars.  There are a further 3 sheep to go and a fence in the middle that they are all jumping over.  It's a bit fuzzy to the eye, but I do love the flowers being clenched between their teeth!

Thanks for looking  - still to be announced soon:
Belated blogaversary giveaway
and a date for a Cy-baa SAL
(as early as Feb-ewe-ary and perhaps as well as Octo-baa) 


Denise said...

That joke was baaa-d!

So, 2011 is the year of the sheep huh? No snowmen at all? What are you planning to do with your flock, Bo Peep?

Have a great day!

gracie said...

I think many of our TUSAL's will be quite empty right now. so it is to be sheep on your posts....I'll have to think about this...I'll be baa-ck.

Karen 'n Chris said...

look at what ewe started - rofl - this is the year of fleecing jokes.

Daffycat said...

Baaaa ha ha! Great TUSAL update! I like these sheep. They are very like my Mouton Rouge piece!

Aussie Stitcher said...

I am LOL reading your posts and your comments are a hoot (shame your not stitching owls) also. I think Denise was right in calling you Bo-Peep, a name change is in order.