Monday, January 3, 2011

TUSAL 2011 - quick - be very quick !!!!

Those of you may have looked at my TUSAL page.  However, Daffycat has done something more constructive and is running TUSAL for 2011 - if you are really - and I mean really quick - you can register for the 2011 TUSAL with a chance for a small prize at the end of the year.
I missed the original post on 6th December, and the first NEW MOON is tomorrow - December 4!!!  

Quick - get your skates on and register for TUSAL 2011 with Daffycat.  If you can't find a fancy container right now, dont fret - use anything handy (wash out that pickle jar first!!) until you find your perfect TUSAL container.  Start gathering your orts - your floor will love you!
I'll be posting my TUSAL jar tomorrow - have some serious stitching to do today - more sheep to show off tomorrow!
(and yes - I did change my profile pic to sheep for 2011!!!)


Daffycat said...

Love the new sheepie photo! You should have fun stitching all these sheep this year. BTW if you run out I have a UFO of sheep in my sidebar that needs working on ~ lol!

Thanks for the shout-out! It's not the New Moon where I live for two more days so there's still time!

Shelley said...

Hi there! I've been blog hopping and found your blog. Love the sheep WIP and I've just scrolled down and noticed your full TUSAl jar from last year! Love it lol