Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anybody else interested in a Christmas Ornie Exchange??

There's still a day or two to sign up if you are interested in my small exchange.

There are only a few of us, so it's not a huge exchange this year around.  Just make an ornament that you would be happy to receive - any style of craft.

Remember to email me with the subject line : 2010 Ornie Exchange - I'll send exchange partner details out on Sunday

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September TUSAL and a field of weeds

Sleepy Sunday afternoon and I realise (yet again) that I have forgotten to post this month's TUSAL - please note the amount of white.  Mostly due to the fact that I am still stitching snowmen!!!

John looked out the back yard to see a sea of yellow.  All seaside daisies - pretty much a weed - but what a lot of lovely colour!  The bees are busy!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween Blog-Hop

Check out the new link on my sidebar - I may have found this too late to share this properly with my followers, but you can still follow the new halloween projects with me.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Snowman Finish for 2010

I had a day off work yesterday, and apart from commit a tidy around my sewing table and fabric boxes, did not feel that I had done much at all.
However, at 9pm I felt the need to stitch another snowman, one of the charts I had uncovered earlier in the evening. (I now have some charts sorted into Snowman, Sheep, Do ASAP, Ah-That's where that WIP chart went, Christmas and Other piles)  I picked San-Man's, Kisses from Heaven.
Stitched on dark blue aida, using DMC - including one of the new varigated, and Mill Hill white beads for the snowflakes, I finished putting the last bead and my signature in just before midnight...

I had to wait until daylight to take a picture!

 I also did a small bit of craft.  I had started a jeans quilt some months ago - and of course, after ripping out all the seams, could not throw them out because they could prove useful sometime.... (naturally!)  Well, some time ago, browsing on blogs, I found this idea - and do you think I could remember who to credit??  I dragged out the gluegun late yesterday and made this pot stand.  It's about 8" round and may end up as somebody's christmas present!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christmas 2010 Ornament Exchange - Sign Up.....

I've been thinking...... (yes a dangerous occupation)
I see all these bloggers participating in all sorts of exchanges. I fancy a small Christmas Ornament Exchange. I might as well run my own.

Rules.. there's gotta be rules:
  1. Posting date deadline: 1st December
  2. There is no obligation to send more than the ornament. Any extra gift is up to you.
  3. This is not a straight swap. The blogger you send your ornie to will NOT be the blogger who sends YOU an ornament.
  4. Post a pic to your blog to show you've received the ornie.
  5. Try not to let the blogger you are stitching for know that you are stitching their ornie. Let's try to keep the mystery and a surprise!
  6. Expect that you may have to send overseas.
So there --- If you wish to join in - email me - put 'Blogger Ornie Exchange' as the subject line. Simple preference choices - such as 'Traditional' or 'Funky' styles - or colour schemes. Send me your snail-mail address and I'll collate it all and arrange who will exchange with who. I'll close this off at the end of September, and send you your partner details in the first day or so of October. Please join in.

Edited to answer questions:
1: Am I nuts?
Most probably, but I want to join in one exchange this year - I might as well make it my own.
2: Is the ornie restricted to cross-stitch or can any type of needlework or embellishment be included?
As my followers are cross-stitchers - quilters and thrifters - just go with the flow. Cross Stitch or quilt or sew an ornament - recycle something found in the oppy (just not a sock - OK?) Make something that YOU would be happy to receive
3: Can we share this on our blogs? Do you have a button we can link to?
Right at the moment, my gut feeling is Thank you - NO. I want to try to have control over the participants of this exchange, people who have become part of my blogging family over the past 18months. If I open this up far and wide, then it could explode into something bigger than I'm ready to handle right at the moment. Let's see how this year works out - then plan for the next year.

Thank you for your interest - I'll be in touch with all that email me. (look for my email on my profile details)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tardy TUSAL (Sept) and an Xmas Tree WIP

I checked the calendar yesterday and realised that Wednesday was the new moon and I should have posted a pic of my TUSAL jar. whoops!!!

So here is is, a tad late, but full of floss. The dark blue and white bundles belong to my lunchtime stitching buddy, Carolyn - she doesn't have a TUSAL jar, but likes to add to mine. (next year, I'm getting her her own!)

I don't seem to be getting very far with stitching, but here is the first week's progress on Victoria Sampler's Xmas Tree Farm. I've substituted all the silks and specialty floss for DMC, with some hand-dyed thrown in. The fabric is a platinum leftover from possibly an earlier sampler - could be Cashel. I never seem to get the hang of keeping track of what fabric is what once I've taken the label off or the fabric from the bag.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Squishy Mail is so much fun to receive!!

I scared a work colleague this morning in the mailroom - simply by clutching a jiffybag to my chest and dancing in a funny circle - crooning "I've got squishy mail - I've got squishy mail"

My newest bestest friend Kerry was visiting Aust - and she asked on a forum if there was anything she could bring to her Aussie friends....

Well I had some US$ cash languishing, doing nothing but collecting dust - and sent it to Kerry, asking her to surprise me with some fabric - Halloween and Christmassy stuff because it's so hard to find here....

And this is what I have received today...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

My sunday morning walk

I took my camera with me this morning to record the flooded creek. Just as well, because I came very close to a small mob of kangaroos. (there are no orbs on my photos, just raindrops on the lens!)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dad's Father's Day present - revealed in all it's glory

Now that Dad has phoned me to tell me he's received it (and he loves it by the way!) - I can post a pic of how I finished it off for him.
No glass in the frame as it had to make it's way to him via the mail. I used two layers of batting to give it a bit of texture.

Happy Father's Day Dad.
I love you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

another blog's competition...have a look-see!!

ooooo these are very pretty -

If you'd like a chance to win one - pop on over to see Susan and leave a message....

(but keep it quiet - I'd really like to have one of my own and I want to win!!! )