Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tardy TUSAL (Sept) and an Xmas Tree WIP

I checked the calendar yesterday and realised that Wednesday was the new moon and I should have posted a pic of my TUSAL jar. whoops!!!

So here is is, a tad late, but full of floss. The dark blue and white bundles belong to my lunchtime stitching buddy, Carolyn - she doesn't have a TUSAL jar, but likes to add to mine. (next year, I'm getting her her own!)

I don't seem to be getting very far with stitching, but here is the first week's progress on Victoria Sampler's Xmas Tree Farm. I've substituted all the silks and specialty floss for DMC, with some hand-dyed thrown in. The fabric is a platinum leftover from possibly an earlier sampler - could be Cashel. I never seem to get the hang of keeping track of what fabric is what once I've taken the label off or the fabric from the bag.


Charlotte said...

What is a Tusal jar? It looks like a place to put scrap yarn or thread.

Bronny said...

Good morning Charlotte,

You asked what a TUSAL jar was on my blog.

TUSAL stands for : Totally Useless Stitch A-Long

The blogger who started it appears to have disappeared, but there are still one or two of us that fill a jar with all our ends of sewing threads every day and take a photo to share monthly. The nominated day for sharing is the date of the new moon, but I always seem to run about a week or so late.
There are no real reasons to do this – hence ‘Totally Useless’ – Some participants filled glass baubles at Christmas time last year. Some have 12 jars and fill each one to see which month garners more orts than others. Some use the orts to stuff Christmas ornaments

There is a link on my blog to the originator, but I’m not sure where she’s gone. I just keep on with TUSAL, because it is keeping my floor and armchair free of loose fibres.

I hope that answers your question – thank you for reading my blog.