Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christmas 2010 Ornament Exchange - Sign Up.....

I've been thinking...... (yes a dangerous occupation)
I see all these bloggers participating in all sorts of exchanges. I fancy a small Christmas Ornament Exchange. I might as well run my own.

Rules.. there's gotta be rules:
  1. Posting date deadline: 1st December
  2. There is no obligation to send more than the ornament. Any extra gift is up to you.
  3. This is not a straight swap. The blogger you send your ornie to will NOT be the blogger who sends YOU an ornament.
  4. Post a pic to your blog to show you've received the ornie.
  5. Try not to let the blogger you are stitching for know that you are stitching their ornie. Let's try to keep the mystery and a surprise!
  6. Expect that you may have to send overseas.
So there --- If you wish to join in - email me - put 'Blogger Ornie Exchange' as the subject line. Simple preference choices - such as 'Traditional' or 'Funky' styles - or colour schemes. Send me your snail-mail address and I'll collate it all and arrange who will exchange with who. I'll close this off at the end of September, and send you your partner details in the first day or so of October. Please join in.

Edited to answer questions:
1: Am I nuts?
Most probably, but I want to join in one exchange this year - I might as well make it my own.
2: Is the ornie restricted to cross-stitch or can any type of needlework or embellishment be included?
As my followers are cross-stitchers - quilters and thrifters - just go with the flow. Cross Stitch or quilt or sew an ornament - recycle something found in the oppy (just not a sock - OK?) Make something that YOU would be happy to receive
3: Can we share this on our blogs? Do you have a button we can link to?
Right at the moment, my gut feeling is Thank you - NO. I want to try to have control over the participants of this exchange, people who have become part of my blogging family over the past 18months. If I open this up far and wide, then it could explode into something bigger than I'm ready to handle right at the moment. Let's see how this year works out - then plan for the next year.

Thank you for your interest - I'll be in touch with all that email me. (look for my email on my profile details)

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Bette said...

I'd like to participate but need your email address. I don't have Outlook on my computer so I can't get it from your profile. My email address is Hope you don't mind me doing this like this.