Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Snowman Finish for 2010

I had a day off work yesterday, and apart from commit a tidy around my sewing table and fabric boxes, did not feel that I had done much at all.
However, at 9pm I felt the need to stitch another snowman, one of the charts I had uncovered earlier in the evening. (I now have some charts sorted into Snowman, Sheep, Do ASAP, Ah-That's where that WIP chart went, Christmas and Other piles)  I picked San-Man's, Kisses from Heaven.
Stitched on dark blue aida, using DMC - including one of the new varigated, and Mill Hill white beads for the snowflakes, I finished putting the last bead and my signature in just before midnight...

I had to wait until daylight to take a picture!

 I also did a small bit of craft.  I had started a jeans quilt some months ago - and of course, after ripping out all the seams, could not throw them out because they could prove useful sometime.... (naturally!)  Well, some time ago, browsing on blogs, I found this idea - and do you think I could remember who to credit??  I dragged out the gluegun late yesterday and made this pot stand.  It's about 8" round and may end up as somebody's christmas present!


Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Love the snowman! What a great use for the old jeans too.........Nancy

Denise said...

The snowman is adorable! The first thing I though of for the seams - braiding them together and making some type of rug!

I have a day off tomorrow. I plan to stitch all day! Look for pics soon!

Smiles- Denise

Deborah said...

That snowman is so cute!!

Bronwyn said...

Love the snowman and the sentiment