Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pic - Father's Day gift and Floss substitution

Dad - If you read my blog......

navigate away now.......

First, to give him a chance to head away - I'd like to show you a floss I found to use for my next big project - Victoria Sampler's Xmas Tree Farm Sampler.

The chart calls for nothing but specialty floss, that would take me over 5 websites to locate, and cost $99 plus postage alone. (Stuff that!) I'm going to stitch this using the DMC I have to hand and source some local overdyed cotton floss for some of the Glorianna.
One of the main silks used appears to be Glorianna's 'Blue Grass' - Thank you Coral - she sent me a smidge of the silk and a length of the silk ribbon of 'Blue Grass' - it was really handy to give me the true colourways to search for a replacement. I found a replacement in overdyed cotton - Cottage Garden Threads - their colour called Grevillia has the same tones of gold and teal - perhaps a bit more gold than teal, but for the sake of individualising my sampler -will do the trick. I'm so happy to have found a local product. I found this on Saturday while browsing through a patchwork shop in Berwick. (not so much browsing as making a bee-line direct to the shop to look at cotton overdyes for the sole purpose of finding my replacement floss)
I was not looking forward to buying the one silk and having it standing out amongst the rest of the DMC. I have been given a list of DMC conversions for the rest of the specialty floss, but this particular one, seems to be used in a majority of the chart.

Now to show what I finished today - I have to find the right size frame or finish it properly, in order to post it to Dad in time for Father's Day this coming Sunday.
It is a Linen Flowers freebie. I've had it for awhile, but it called to me to stitch it for this weekend. It's a quick stitch, and by using a darker fabric than that called for, had to change the writing to a lighter colour so it could be read better.

I think I'll be back to stitching my Halloween projects for now - until I get started on Xmas Tree Farm. Of course, I could resume stitching my Poppies...

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