Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holiday week 1 day 2 - thrift shop exploits

I had planned to crawl from op-shop to op-shop yesterday, on the way to meeting my girlfriend for lunch, but due to lack of available funds, shelved that idea. However, once we met up, we trolled the 6 or 7 (I forget - but there were enough to make my feet ache!). We had a lovely shiska something at a cafe - I remembered my camera only for the second half...there was a choice of beef or lamb..... but as there was no beef, it had to be lamb.. baaaa! It had some lovely salad and lots of jucy dressing...and I managed not to dribble all down the front of me. I also was a tad decadent with a serve of pecan pie and cream... I asked the cafe owner if I could take a picture of his pie after I'd eaten my was choc-full of all sorts of nuts...and dipping it into the cream....mmmmmmm
Let's see....what did I pick up to show you? I found these amber bowls and one small creamer to match. One bowl was in the 99c bargain bin, and the rest were on the shelf for $8 for 7 pieces...unfortunately, somebody had bought 2 pieces and left the rest behind...I wonder - would it have been the sugarbowl and lid? I got the whole lot for $1 per piece as 2 of the 7 items were missing. That made a total of $6 for 5 bowls and a creamer. The bowls have 3 cute little feet and a solid handle. More yellow than amber, but still pretty enough. I might just keep the creamer though.
I also picked up 3 tops, a purple camisole, a sparkly, glittery long sleeved t-shirt and a nice soft, rust coloured acrylic knit cardigan . all three of these will be great for office wear. I'll be able to team up the camisole with quite a few outfits. These cost a total of $10
Nearly forgot - found a great hand-made apron... It's in green and red - although it has a corncob fabric border, it does have a label saying it is made for Santa's Workshop. The best bit is the attached oven mits... perfect for me - I'm forever hunting for oven mits... and for $4 - a bargain!
I also picked up a new soup mug for hubby and a plaque about champagne for my dad (it's printed on shiny paper, so doesn't photograph as well.)
Today I'm pottering about, planning my trip to the hills tomorrow..
whoops...nearly forgot - I did pick up another fat 1/4 for my pine tree quilt. I'll show it with all the others that I'll pick up tomorrow. Apparently it's a new reproduction fabric, but it is pale sage blue with swirly brown 'twigs' through it. A nice contrast to all the dark green so far.
I also may spend this afternoon preparing some stitched pieces for the visit to the framer at Dandenong Market at sparrow's fart on Friday!!!
I promise to remember to take more photos tomorrow to share!!


Quilty Ramblings said...

great finds op-shopping!!

glad that your tree stash is coming together

LMK if you need any more, can bring fabric and cutter to PP

Vic said...

Oh yeah - we can never have enough cute aprons!

Selina said...

Love the creamer! That apron is very cute too!

Steph said...

Those amber bowls and creamer are gorgeous!! And a yummy apron too...what great finds. Hope you have a super week :)

Charlotte said...

Great finds! That sandwich and pie look absolutely delicious!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

What a great day ... op shopping and lunch with friends. I couldn't think of anything nicer.

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