Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fat quarter exchange - WIP's - Kangaroos

First things first....see all these fat quarters???? Do any leap out at you and say I love you??
I am prepared to do a straight fat 1/2 swap should anybody out there in blogland want any one of thes. Each is about 50x52cm in size. All are unwashed and as bought from the shops...
  1. Lilac and gold
  2. Mottled blue tone on tone
  3. Pink and gold
  4. Mottled blue tone on tone
  5. Bright pink tone on tone
  6. Orange and gold
  7. Lilac tone on tone
  8. Light blue
  9. Denim Blue
  10. Baby Pink
I will swap you one fat quarter of your choice from this stack for a dark green fat quarter from your stash. I am trying to garner lots of different greens for this project: Yep another quilt - this one is a full size quilt and I fell in love with it the moment I found it in one of my many quilt mags....and have decided THIS will be my holiday project. I'm not so keen on the white fabric, in fact will find a cream or sand colour instead. BUT I NEED MORE GREEN FABRIC - can you help?
All I am asking is a straight swap - one fat quarter for another - nothing more - nothing less.
I do intend to hunt out more greens in the next 2 weeks, but thought this might be a fun way to incorporate other, different fabric than that which I can find. Dark, fir tree green fabric preferred. Leave a comment with your email if you can help.
Next offering are my current WIP's - this aida project is coming along really quickly now. I had finished the roof section last weekend, but this week have managed (despite several unpicking sessions due to miss-counting - duh!) to add the second floor. There is just the roof and a tree to the left to complete...then I can get back to snowmen.
I am still going slowly on inspiration....have not touched it this week - the constant changing of colours is the reason for the slow going. I do not consider this a particularly good chart for travelling - 8 stitches of one colour/change thread/5 stitches of another colour/change thread/15 stitches of another colour/change thread etc....... This pic is more to remind myself how much I have progressed for when I take the next photo!

Do you want to see kangaroos??? There were 20 in the back paddock yesterday - not a very clear photo, but this paddock will be behind houses soon enough, so I look for roos and find it all very magical - one day I won't be getting this close! (I got a lot closer this morning on my early morning walk - same number in the mob. Still magic!) The closeup may be a bit furry, but you see the roo in his classic 'sentry' position - watching me taking photos...


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Can't help you with the fat quarters but love seeing your wips and roos! What a treat to get to see them in the wild like that!

KAY said...

Hi Bronny,
I am sure I can help with a green fabric. Would like to swap for the lilac & gold perhaps.
Loved the picture of you & your Dear Dad.
Lucky you.

CindyMae said...

Your stitching is looking wonderful. Love the pics of the Roos!!

Bronny said...

Kay - the lilac/gold is yours! email on it's way...