Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday's Updates - Hyacinths and Friendship

I hope that you are all just as fascinated by the growth of my hyacinth..I just find bulbs miraculousand am amazed how much life is fitting into this tiny 5" pot. So far, I have the original Hyacinth, which is now putting forth it's first blooms, I'm waiting for the stem to push up a bit more, the flowers are wilting before their first full showing. There are also plant 2-3, which I believe to be stray daffodil/jonquil bulbs, accidentally transplanted about 8 months ago. Not long ago, I mentioned plant number 4 - another Hyacinth - which is progressing quite nicely. This weekend, I discovered plant number 5 - another Hyacinth peeking out from below. It is going to be a crowded pot, I don't think it's wise to transplant them at this stage of their growth - I'll just have to remember at the end of their cycle, to treat them to a new home for all the pleasure I've been given this growth cycle.

As for my most recent finish - I am very, very pleased how this came out. I've never tried to sew a ruffled edge to any of my pillows before, I've sort-of known how, but never put into practice. On saturday, I found this fabric in the bargain bin at the local patchwork shop; all of 30cm wide - and it was exactly the right width for the cushion - it was a lovely pairing. Without referring to any books or instructions, I cut the strips of 10cm each, joined them together, then made 2 rows of running stitch. The time consuming bit of this was sitting pulling the gathering threads, trying not to snap the thread. I had made a running stitch on the aida, to show me where an even border was, and I stitched the gathered thread to this, then placed the backing fabric on, remembering to leave a gap to turn it through........once turned, I used plain poly-stuffing, sitched up the gap and marvelled at the way i'd finished the job. One of the best feelings ever!
(oh yes...It's a Lizzie Kate 'Friendship' pattern.)
I've passed this comfort cushion through now to a workmate, who will be seeing another ill colleague later this week. I think she'll appreciate it.

Onto the next project....a freebie from a blog that I discovered on Saturday morning - of course I don't have the details with me right now, nor do I have enough batteries in my camera to share the WIP pic, but I may even have it finished by the end of the week. I'm more in an Aida mood than evenweave at the moment. What about you? Do you leap between projects and material styles or stick to one project until all is complete???


Gaynor said...

Lovely cushion. The fabric goes lovely with the design. Well done!

Marie said...

Wow, you couldn't have done better with the fabric if you planned it, what a great find. I am a terrible when it comes to hopping from project to project. At least with biscornus etc I have a chance of them holding my attention span long enough to finish. Must be where my 14 yr old gets it from - but don't tell him I said it lol

Cindy F. said...

You hyacinth is growing so fast!!

LOVE your pillow! You did a beautiful job on your ruffle and the entire pillow finish! The fabric is so perfect!!! Good job!!

Me, I used to be a one-at-a-time stitcher...not anymore. 10 wips in a rotation now. I work on one til I'm bored, then move to the next one:) Having fun too!

Stitched Up said...

Love the pillow.You did a great job with matching the fabric.I should have a go as I have oodles of lovely strips of fabric.Yep another hop between projects here.I`m an unfinisher too.I have a box of stitched pieces needing o be made into something.
Hyacinth is growing well.My son and I are following its progress.

Siobhan said...

Wow, what a beautiful pillow! You did a great job with the finishing, it looks professional.

Lovely plant, too! I love hyacinths. They give off such a beautiful fragrance.

Hmm, jumping between one or two projects, that'd be me. Okay, more like eight or ten. LOL I do try to not do too many but whenever I finish something, I find myself out of sorts and I mess around starting this or that before settling in again. I want to do the BBD stockings and have seasonal stitching to do so I'm hoping to do that to quell the urge.

Karen said...

Love the pillow! Great job with the ruffle and the fabric matches the stitching nicely.

Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers..