Friday, July 10, 2009

Competitions - 2 really nice ones!!!!

I've been trying to avoid entering competitions, but these two keep rearing their heads, and tell me to spread the news.... firstly this one: Patti is celebrating her 2,000th visitor by holding a whopper of a surprise giveaway - reading through her blog she has done some quality exchanges. The winner will be blessed.

The other competition can be found at this blog - oh so drooly - but be sure to follow the rules - that's always important!

I will be organising another chart giveaway here again really soon too. Photos to follow soon of my wip and small finishes - perhaps even of the moonrise (if the photos worked out! - it's been spectacular the past couple of days!)


Patti said...

Hi Bronny, Thank you so much for the kind comments you made on my blog. I visited yours in return and love it and it shall be added to my bloglist asap.

I love your photo about 'It's Official I've become my mother!'. Sometimes I hear myself saying stuff my mother would have said and I HATE it because I swore I would be nothing like her. But still my mouth opens and out she comes. It's so scary. Your blog is great. Lots of Love Patti xxx

PaulineD said...

Hey Bronny, thanks for the giveaway info.

But what I really want to see, is a pic of the new delivery guy so we can all drool and forget our name! Do you think he would smile and have his photo taken for your blog? Maybe take his shirt off? Hope so! Pleeeease ask him!

Stitching said...

I have tried to find the bird house stitch and have not had any luck...need help please! LOL huggerz