Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 JCS Ornament Challenge - Update

Hi Friends

How are you all running with your own ornaments?  How many of you have started stitching?
I'll try to keep up with your blogs to peep and see if you've started and qualify for the points that I'm compiling for a end of year winner.
Here's as far as I have made it so far.. a Headless Santa!!  Hard to see the white beard on the white aida, but it is there!! The frog and I know it.  Stitched on a scrap from my scrap basket and not even centered properly... I'm sure it will be fine by the end...
Using DMC white, but the red and green are from my collection of the lovely Nancy's threads found at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe  - Cranberry and some dark green that has lost it's label (blush)

It is highly unlikely that I will use any floss that is called for during this challenge - with the exception of white and black.... but you never know what will take my fancy.

I have seen ONE fully completed ornament - so Marguerite scores the first 50 points. 
I've added a page to my blog, where the points system is explained (hopefully it's clear to you all) I'll update monthly progresses too.  There is a Mr Linky whatsit to join up.  Anybody can join in on any month to stitch-a-long.

Now it's up to the next month challenge:   Check these out and select your top 3 ornaments and let me know in the comments.
Voting is open until Feb 5, where I'll tally the votes and announce the 3 ornaments from which you select your February stitch.


cucki said...

super sweet stitches xx

Ma Teakettle said...

I love your progress, Bronny :)
I'm still waiting for my floss...I think perhaps I will also use what I have in stash for the future months since I haven't started...sniffle...but, my fingers are fast little buggers so I will have it finished in no time :)

Ma Teakettle said...

OK, Bronny, My top three votes for February are...

I actually love them all so I'm happy :)
Can't wait to see what we end up with...
Thanks and Hugs

Pauline said...

Hmm, 2,9 & 11.

Must go and quickly stitch up this month's ornament!

Kate said...

1,6 and 7