Saturday, April 19, 2014

Retro Road Trip - April 2014

Hi Friends,
Sheepies found in Southern NSW - along with a rusty horse

On a water tower - crafted locally
and it lights up at night too!
Haven't been blogging much of late, but I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. Very little stitching to show, but thought I'd show you a few pics of my current holiday in the southern area of New South Wales.

One big spider.....

That Retro Shop in Finley - NSW
Ginge & Fluffs Secondhand Store in Lockhart, NSW
(I know a few of you stitchy girls are also collectors, so may appreciate my other blog - Retro Girl in Frankston - some of these pics may double up on that blog too...)

My latest collecting obsession - Kathy Winkle designs
On Broadhurst Ceramics - from the early 60's
 My latest collecting obsession...   Kathy Winkle Designs - on plates from the Broadhurst & Sons from the early 60's onwards.  This has led to me singing:  "A Winkling we will go, a Winkling we will go, Hi Ho with cash we'll go, a Winkling we will go .. .. ..."

A Winkle atop a yellow,
Depression Glass Cake Stand
- pattern yet to be identified
I have found one Winkle on this Road Trip, but am still looking...  you never know where you'll find treasures...

A small pumpkin stitchery,
found on Pintrest one evening
 and stitching started the very next day...
getting ready for Halloween!
One of my other recent distractions has been Pintrest- although taking up valuable stitching time, has enabled me to find designs destined to end up in my WIP pile

One thing I have come to realise, is that my passion for SHEEPIES started long before 2011 - The Year of the Sheepies; and continues now into 2014.  Driving along in country NSW, I am constantly calling out 'Sheepies!!!", much to the consternation of my co-driver and new partner, Laz.  He indulges me in this obsession and has pointed out one or two new sheep related items from time to time.
The view of Australia's Parliament House
from the steps of the National War Memorial
We had a day trip to Canberra, our Nation's Capital.  Now that I know what to expect, I'll be heading back again to look at more.  We spent the morning at the National War Memorial - (absolutely gob-smackingly amazing experience.  Very highly emotionally wearying, but well worth the visit.  I cannot speak more highly of the staff and volunteers.)
Then a couple of hours at the National Gallery to see the Inca Gold Exhibition - just enough time to duck into the Australian Art section on the 2nd floor to see Art that is imprinted on my mind through reading about it in books...  (reminds me - must get back to the Victorian Art Gallery.....)

Then a quick trip up to the lookout to snap a couple of scenic views- including this selfie:
Hope you have all enjoyed my snap-heavy post ...  next one to show a bit more stitching...


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