Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raising the Baaaaa - another Sheepie Finish

Wow!  Sombody has already stitched Sheepie Farm and posted to her blog - Check out how Cucki stitched her farm - so cute and I spy another sheep guarding it too..

Nearly forgot to show you my latest Sheepie finish for 2011- The Year of the Sheep

If you take the definition of August to mean of regal bearing - that explains the crown and the robe.

And if anybody's counting individual sheep - I think this makes around 86 sheep stitched for the year...Will have to make a proper tally shortly...I wonder if I can complete a flock of 100 for the year?

Also - check out another freebie design from Linda on her blog: bits of floss - she's found a way to share Halloween down under!!


Gabi said...

LOL...I just had a look at Cucki's blog. The world is small at times isn't it?
Lovely new finish Bronnie. Love your royal sheep.

LindaMc said...

Thanks for the plug, Bronny! Love all your sheep!


LindaMc said...

Returned the favor!

cucki said...

hello dear, i am so glad that you like my stitching..i really love the august sheepie..thats me with the crown..because it is my birthday month..on 25
i love all your sheeps too..
hugs cucki xx

RuthB said...

Love your sheep! Absolutely adore them. The Leaping august one just cracks me up. I thoroughly envy your flock.

Thanks for sharing them!