Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas gift - and a reminder for the Ornament Exchange

Sorry that it's been so long since the last post - I just did not seem to have much to share with you all.  However, last weekend I did have a finish, and I've packed it away in my Christmas gift box.  A lovely lady at work has been bringing me bread all year.  It's the leftover bread from Brumby's - she has a neighbour who brings it home and gives it to her.  She knows that I have two boys that will demolish it all, and that last year was particularly tight financially.  So this year, I decided to make her a Christmas Table runner to say thank you for all her blessings this year.  I had a go at this pattern (found in one of the 300+ magazines that are still littering my loungeroom)  It was quite simple to follow and I enjoyed making it.  I did change the borders slightly, the original called for two sides to be edged with ric-rac, but I liked this version. 
You can see the fabric I chose for the border and the backing here.  The border fabric came from Denise's prize box, and sets the Christmas fabrics off so nicely. 

On a completely different subject.... did you know Google Reader has a blog limit you can follow????  Oh my, I have to spend some time going through my list, deleting those who have dropped off the blogoverse, just so I can add some new exciting ones I find.  How long will that take me???  

A public reminder for those who have joined in my ornament exchange for 2010 - Please remember to post your ornament to your partner by 1st December!!!  Post a picture of your ornament to your blog after your partner has received their gift!


christhequilter said...

hey B!!

runner looks GREAT!

guess what?......I'm on comittee at Pakenham Patchers!!

subversion from WITHIN the ranks......LOL

Elaine said...

What a beautiful table-runner Bronny. Your friend is going to be delighted.