Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Christmas patchworkery finish for me - another gift to cross off the list!

Hot off the needle - another Christmas present crossed off the list.  I have a lot of greens, and although the pattern in the magazine (yes, another one) showed christmas reds, I felt that using all my reds just wouldn't be the right colour for the intended recipient
There is a local curtain and furnishing store, that put all the fabric samples from their sample books and offcuts into a basket out the front and sell them per piece.  I can never resist picking up half a dozen at a time, thinking that I'll make them into 'something'.
This time I did.  I used two pieces from the same range - one is more antique white than ivory and used them for the centre panel.  It's about 12" by 22" and will have to make a cushion insert.  I even sewed a ZIP into the edge.  I've not sewn a zip for over 20 years.          I remember why.  ugh!  Not an easy task when you cannot find your machine's zipper foot!  (mental note - remember to buy a new zipper foot for the machine!)
I'm quite pleased with the result.  I hope the recipient will like it.

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Kay said...

I think the recipient will be mighty pleased with the gift.