Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A view from my stitching chair.

As I sat in my stitching chair the other afternoon, I looked across at my little display table as the ornaments upon it caught the sun. I thought it was pretty, and thought I'd share it all with you.Starting left to right, and I apologise for the spot of bright sun that washes out the sheep in the left corner....
I have my sitting shelf pig - just makes me smile to look at him. There is a grouping of 3 ceramic sheep - one of them is a nodding sheep found in a thrift shop. Behind them you can almost see my Bendigo Pottery Kitchener Jug - It belonged to my Mum's Mum, and was always in display in the kitchen. In with the sheep is a tiny little enameled brass picture frame - another thrift store find, with a hand coloured picture of a little girl. Somebody loved it - so I brought it home with me. There are also 2 dice - why? - Why not??
Then there is my Beswick Duck Candlestick holder - never quite sure if I like it or not - another thrift shop bargain. Behind is my brass parrot. There is the little clock that seems to now be stuck at 11:20. I also have a dried banksia bloom - It was on a table setting for the Germanfest at Dimboola in April 2009 - originally it was a vibrant orange, but it's faded and still soft. Oh the red candle in the front smells nice.
There is of course, some pink glass. The underbowl to the large flared bowl was a recent win on ebay. The pattern in Royal Lace. My pink glass blog has more pink glass featured weekly. Behind the pink glass is a ceramic chook on long legs holding a bucket. Next to the chook is a lovely vintage biscuit/toffee tin with butterflies on it. A gift from a lovely friend. My mum loved butterflies. The grouping on the right includes a small wooden bowl that was one of the first bits of wood-turning that Dad did. I don't remember where the little country bunny pair came from. The little antimony box contains 12 vintage plastic dogs - each about 1/4" long. I remember playing with them when I was really little - always being careful not to lose one. At the back right is a trinket box featuring a sewing machine - a surprise gift from the hubby a couple of years ago. The green enamel bowl was intended to be my Christmas gift from Mum in 2007 - Dad gave it to me last year. In it is a small selection of small plastic fruit - and my first tomato pincushion - still waiting on some green felt leaves..
At the back of the table, are the pair of candle holders - I fell in love with these when I first moved to Pakenham - they are my welcome gift to me. The seasonally confused daffodils are the leafy group in the rear and you can see a baby photo of Harry and a lovely portrait of Martin and John on the walls.

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Bronwyn said...

Lovely treasures!
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Bette said...

What a lovely group of treasures. It's wonderful that you have them right where you can enjoy them.

Tammy said...

Aw, what a great view! Pretty grouping of pretty things!

Micki said...

You must really cherish all these lovely things!