Sunday, July 18, 2010

TUSAL - July - a tad tardy... (and don't forget my giveaway!)

I've managed to miss the past 2 months of TUSAL, but was determined NOT to miss July.
(has anybody heard from YOYO???) It's been a few months and I'm concerned for her and her hubby - any news?) this should have been posted last tuesday or wednesday, but here is the current state of my TUSAL jar:

The clumps of black are from where I've been working on a halloween project, the clumps of white are from various snowmen projects...There seems to be an amount of colour there too...must be snowman scarves and lettering...hmmm.
Can you see the little ort box I made for myself in the lower right corner? I found a quick pattern for one on somebody's blog - have no idea who, but thank you. I remembered how to make one, and of course have now made 3. I've given 2 away already to stitchy friends - they are great to put in your project bag, because the orts sit in them nicely and don't float all over your project and then when it's time to travel about, the ort box folds in on itself and traps all the loose threads. So quick to make and reversable too!

So far only a handful of entries for my 200th post giveaway - I'm finding more and more things to give away as I go, so at the moment, it looks like every post is a winner!
Lucky Sharona is my 100th follower and wins a special prize.

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to tell you all about, but right at the moment I'm having a sunday funk and it escapes me!

Happy Stitching!

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Tammy said...

I think I have abandoned the TUSAL, lol. I can never remember to post the darn thing. I love your container though!! Congrats on your postings and your beautiful framed finish. WOW, that is truly lovely!