JCS Ornament Challenge - 2015

The JCS Ornament Challenge 2015.

Each month I will post a picture of a double page display from the 2014 JCS Ornament Issue.
As these ornaments are already numbered I ask for you to reply by comment of your top 3 ornament choices.

The idea is that by December, we will have a handful of finished ornaments for our own tree or for an exchange.

On the 5th of each month, I will compile all the votes and come up with a top 3 of all votes.  Some of these votes may also come via an external stitching group of friends. (Threads of Life - TOL)  I have been exchanging stitching gossip with these ladies for over 10 years and I value their contributions.
In the event of a tie - I will hand the decision to one of my family members for either rock, paper, scissors or even a coin toss.

Once the top 3 designs are nominated, I'll post the names.

From then it's up to you.

You now choose between the 3 top designs as chosen by you.  You stitch this design and show a finish BEFORE May 5 (If possible) - more brownie points to you if you show a completed ornament by May 5.
 You earn the following points for showing on your own blog;

10 points for STARTING the ornament
10 points for FINISHING the stitching
5 points bonus for finishing the stitching before the end of January
15 points for finishing your stitching into an ornament
5 points for a completed ornament before the end of February
10 points speed bonus for a completed ornament before the end of April
This means the highest point score could be:
50  (10 + 10 + 5 +15 + 10)
The basic score for each ornament completed is 35.
The winner at the end of the year is the person with the highest score.  (I'll keep a tally on an excel sheet here)  In the event of a tie - winner will be decided by random generator thingy.

As to a prize at the end of the year:  Yet to be decided, but I'm thinking at this stage, a copy of the 2014 JCS ornie issue seems to be an obvious choice.  I'm sure I'll find other things to add to the prize-box.

I will show the choices at the end of April for the May Challenge.

It is never too late to join in.  Whether you start stitching in January or November.....come join the fun !

Add your name and blog to the list below please 

Ho Ho Ho Santa - The Prairie Schooler
January Challenge - Choice between numbers 7,8 or 9
First finish posted:  Marguerite on Jan 21 - Such speedy Stitching - 50 points awarded! 

It seems we all were stitching the one design (so far)    Still plenty of time to finish your stitching and make an ornament.

Elaine's Finish

Sue's Finish

Susan's Finish

February Challenge - the top 3 voted choices  are: 

1 :  (7) - Winter Joy - Turquoise Graphics & Designs
 2 : (2) - Noel - Pickle Barrel Designs
 3 : (6) - Joyous Square - My Big Toe Designs

Sue was quick off the mark - finishing February's Ornament so quickly.
(When voting - Please add your vote to the comments on my post for that month)

Susan - Feb 19

Elaine - Feb 19

 March Finishes: 

Marguerite's Feb ornie - finished March 10

Marguerite's March ornie - finished March 24

Sue P's March Ornie - finished March 10

Sue D's Ornament - finished March 12


Marguerite said...

Thanks Bronny! This will be good way to add to my ornament collection and not be racing around in December to complete ornaments for exchanges!

Pauline said...

Ooh, I managed to do it right- woohoo!

Pauline said...

Hi Bronny, Blogger is giving me nightmares trying to post pics again, so I've switched to wordpress.


Can you update anything your end that you need to? I still have the same email addy...