Sunday, December 29, 2013

TUSAL 2013

As 2013 nears the end and the time draws near for TUSAL 2014 to begin - I thought I'd share with you my TUSAL jar full of orts from the past 18 months.


Here is the little fabric portable ort collector that I drag with me everywhere - it doubles as a needle minder from time to time.  The Jar I am keeping to use - it works well and will be kept in plain sight this coming year so that I can remember to add to my blog on a regular basis.
The project is my current WIP using a combination of Picture this Plus hand dyed fabric, DMC 4210 and Anchor 1301. I'm stitching a freebie found on this German Blogger site - click here- it was released as a December Advent calendar in 24 sections - of course, I didn't find it until Dec 19, so I'm way behind - and in fact, didn't start from section 1, but instead put all the pieces together and have started in the middle...
I've also changed the wording and made a couple of adjustments to the pattern - as I tend to do...  you'll just have to wait and see how it turns out
Happy New Year everybody!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 - Stitching Seldom. - Seasons Greetings from bronny

Hello all my friends and followers.
Please forgive me - life has intruded and I've not posted nearly enough this past 18 months.
I had a massive lifestyle change in May 2012- leaving my husband and striking out on my own.
I did barely any stitching in 2012 -a wee bit more in 2013 - who knows what is likely to happen in 2014
Stitching, prior to my break was my crutch - to the point of obsession - as was my blogging - dropping out of the world of reality and huddling comfortably in the welcome arms of my stitching sisters (and brothers)

While I don't think I will ever return to the excessive output of 2011 - The year of the sheepies, I do miss the camaraderie and show and tell aspect of blogging.  I truly felt I have friends out there, beyond the keyboard and screen, friends who have their own interesting lives.

It's nearly Christmas - and I've managed to almost catch up with my Christmas Tablecloth.  

2010 - We celebrated Christmas and my Dad spent the holiday with us - so naturally, Santa symbolises that year around the table...

2011 -  It was heading into prickly time - I didn't know at the time, it would be the last Christmas with the extended family - Holly seemed to be a suitable symbol for that year....  located on the edge of the cloth..
We also had lunch that year at a friend's home - there were more at the table, but I've included the family on a banner above the 2011 square

2012- After calling in to see my boys late morning on Christmas Day, I was invited to lunch with my girlfriend's family.   All I need to do is to add the names and 2012 is done

John and I

With my younger son, Harry
2013 - I have the chart all ready to go.  Christmas Lunch this year will be with my boys - and to symbolise my eldest who is now in the Australian Army, I will stitch a Christmas Toy Soldier.

Time now for me to log off again.  It shouldn't be so long this time around.

Seasons Greetings to all my friends - Happy Stitching - I'll be back in 2014